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Women battled to keep their freedom. He cannot rest. When I opened the red envelope, the letter read:. Belief in a Mother Goddess, who endowed women with superiority, destined them for supremacy is common to many Gynosupremacists. Women do not care about trivial male preoccupations. The man learned to not ask what he did wrong.

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Men often became mentally ill. Too many never recovered. Now males are allowed to leave the room when Mistress Owner watches a broadcast. Male lives are limited, their days often harsh. But life is much easier than on one of the Planets of Female Sadists. On this world, women are taller than men.

Height is not the only way they are superior. Women have greater intelligence, intuition and sagacity. Women discerned this inequality in the early tribal period. Social organization quickly proved that women were better leaders. Men blamed their mistakes on anything other than themselves. Some accused women of sabotaging them.

Men learned how to ferment fruit and make alcohol. They drank to excess. Once drunk they started fighting. The badgered women. Reprisal was swift. Forgetting their comparative weakness, aggressive men suddenly found themselves dazed, sitting on the floor.

Sometimes women grabbed men and spanked them. By invisible consent women began taking control. Women disciplined unruly males. Spanking men became the norm. Women invented the first jails. Only men needed imprisonment. Ancient history records the early matriarchies.

Women elected leaders, including a queen who was the supreme head of state.

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Amateur group sex pics Males were not allowed to vote. Over centuries the title queen was abandoned. She shares power with a group of senior leaders. They set policy for teams of specialists and technicians. Only the most competent women constitute the government. Leaders remain in office until tired of the job. Election follows resignations and deaths.

Now menial tasks are the domain of men. Males clean and do other household chores. Most have a part-time job. They work as waiters, file clerks and at many simple tasks. Men still get spanked. Spanking hurts. Corporal punishment proves Mistress Owner feels affection for her male. Even if it is a hard spanking; after his tears, he feels humble satisfaction. Men reverence women.

Formal woman worship began in ancient times. Men were taught to bow and praise Mistress Owner. This helped males orient themselves to lives guided by kind female authority. Long ago, during the rituals of gyneolatry men were cuffed. The cuffs are still used when a woman desires formal homage. The male bows, speaks of his adoration or her sublimity.

He repeats this until Mistress Owner lifts and uncuffs him. Female genetic superiority almost always leads to Gynarchy. Tall, powerful alpha women have always dominated their males. On this planet, women prefer small, frail men. Masculine muscles are abhorrent. No such male has been born for a thousand years.

In the manner of ancient Romans, undesirable infants were discarded. Men are forbidden strenuous activities. Sweeping and mopping the floors is the most vigorous permitted activity. Feminization is unknown. The practice would be meaningless. Feminine attributes are strength and toughness. A scientist could explain Terrestrial masculinity to the women.

Their response would be baffled disgust. After parthenogenesis was perfected, males were bred for impotence. Men feel tremendous sexual desire. Fulfillment is impossible. An alpha woman feels emotions akin to affection for her males. But she is not kind. She handles them roughly.

Bullying is the norm. Male fear is an aphrodisiac. Women enjoy listening to a male stammer apology, watching him nervously wriggle. For an offence, the owner will use a cane. Anything harsher might kill the male. A woman who accidentally kills a man feels foolish. It is a lapse in the omnicompetence she demands of herself. She has a new cane. She feels more pleasure than anger.

This male deserves severe punishment. A week of beatings. Permanent welts will mark him as a male who failed his owner. This scenario happens about ten to fifteen years from now. The world is a lot different place than how we know it today. The scientists have figured out a way for anybody to be identified by sensors that are placed everywhere.

Our own unique electromagnetic field now identifies us, which is around our bodies. This is produced because our body contains a lot of water, and a small amount of electricity runs through us. There are now cameras everywhere, recording our every move. In politics and the economy, women are no longer up against a glass ceiling.

Women are now in control of a lot of the industry and government. The cameras also have face recognition, and if you do anything against the law, it is recorded and you are notified about the incident. Women who run the system are now about to track down men who are really jerks to women in public. Men are notified by mail to report to a Gynarchic Attitude Adjustment Center where they are shown their indiscretions, and then have to pay the penalty for them.

The following is a story about a man who received such a notice of indiscretion. When I got home from work I checked my mailbox. There was a large red envelope in the mailbox marked urgent. I had heard about these red letters from my other male friends, but I was surprised to get one. I have always been very respectful to women when I have been in public and in private.

When I opened the red envelope, the letter read:. Femdomocracy consists of vignettes and stories of Matriarchal, Gynarchic female domination. Women rule. Men serve. The Femdomocratic multiverses, meta-universes, paracosms are filled with worlds where women are supreme. Internal coherence is not a goal. Matrifascist ideology often prevails. Female superiority and male inferiority is the entrenched ethos.

Men are chattels, human property. Female supremacy is the law. Often the religion. Often men have no civil rights. Some Gynocrats declare men are not human. Gynosupremacist erotic fantasies are not statements of personal politics. The stories aim to satisfy atypical sexual and romantic emotions.

You may prefer gentler more humane female domination fantasies. Hopefully Google can be your guide. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Email Address. Amazonian Femdom Superior Amazonian women who dominate men with physical strength.

Amazonian Gynosupremacy Sorenutz Belief in a Mother Goddess, who endowed women with superiority, destined them for supremacy is common to many Gynosupremacists. Men have always been spanked. Women have always enjoyed making men cry. She sits. He brings a drink. As she sips, he finishes preparing the evening meal. She carried her gentle male to the bedroom.

He slept on a thick carpet at the foot of her bed. Serene Gynotopia Iron Hawk Weapons are no longer used. Women Beat Men for Entertainment lilguy Male freedom has never even been a myth on this world. Feminization does not exist. It has no meaning.

Inherently lowly men cannot be diminished. Men are not disciplined. The emotional effect of failure is punishment. Guilt is agony. Beating males is a common female recreation. Women tackle at least three men during a session. Public beatdown tournaments pit ten to twenty men against one woman.

No woman has ever lost. No one roots for the men. The female audience wants a colorful, creative bloody spectacle. Men find satisfaction in flawless service. Long ago, men accepted their lesser status. There were no gender wars. Female physical superiority makes this a happy world. The most valued males are shy. Males are spanked with a leather strap.

A common relaxation for many women. An occurrence so rare as to be shocking. He compounded his sin by trying to hide. A foolish and impossible act. Male Rehabilitation Under Female Supremacy This scenario happens about ten to fifteen years from now. When I opened the red envelope, the letter read: Gynofascist Fantasies Femdomocracy consists of vignettes and stories of Matriarchal, Gynarchic female domination.

My purpose is to give enjoyment to men with impossible desires. You can't read this site. Return when you are a legal adult. I got teased for my clothing, for my height, for my deep voice, for being a geek, for being socially awkward, for liking animals, etc. The teasing died down once I hit high school.

Bit by bit, I grew more confident. This is also the part where I give Z a lot of credit: His love and acceptance have been instrumental in assuaging those old wounds of adolescence. These days, I like who I am and how I look. I do have moments of insecurity, just like anyone else.

During those moments, though, I try to cut myself some slack. The stretch marks on my thighs are there because my body was strong and well-nourished enough to grow. Be kind to yourself. Everyone deserves to feel comfortable in their skin. So like sometimes i wait like a month to shave my legs I never wear shorts unless im biking which is by myself so idc just because im too lazy and it takes me like 20 mins just to shave two legs.

We will be working on your Kickstarter prizes today and tomorrow for a start, and we would just like to say one more time:. A good omen if i ever did see one. My TEN year old little sister started her period today, poor thing. She already wears the same shoe size as me and is almost my height. She is going to be an amazon woman.

Whenever I attempt to participate, they yell at me when I get something wrong. Calm yo tits and sit yo ass down! Especially after going to hear Lauren Zuniga live last night for the first time which I highly recommend , I had to really think about what I want. And I still think that I really want to leave. So I still plan on leaving. Which is entirely dependent on getting a job, so who knows if it will actually happen.

But if it does, I will do my best to be a good ambassador for this state, flaws and all. I do believe Oklahoma can and will change. I know there are some great people in this state working towards that goal. I want to go out into the world and show people that Oklahoma can produce great things. In my new shoes, I tower over men and women alike.

I move slower than I would like, but it works in my favor as an intimidation….

He cannot rest. She handles them roughly. But her fingernails had been the real source of pain. Her cold manner continues his suffering. They mock his intelligence. Where do I buy one? Lazy and lustful men require control.


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  4. Women elected leaders, including a queen who was the supreme head of state.
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  8. Men serve.

Millie Rohesh tall black woman la venere nera black venus amazon woman. Tired men are less troublesome. Isolation in a cold, dark chamber disciplines his soul. As science progressives biologists seek ways to eliminate the need for male sperm. They set policy for teams of specialists and technicians.

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