Devina Cox World Of Femdomination Like Watching Any

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Tina's Hardcore Erotica. I will check the stories out straight away, I love sissy stories, especially if there is lots of description on clothes and humiliation. I have been working way too hard in the current heat wave. Here is a brief preview. I spent time turning things on and off and replugging things in.

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Sugar and Spice. Man made woman. Missy's Sissy Caps. A Tights Spot. Feminization Fantasies. Kaity's Fantabulous Captions. Maids of the World. MT Captions. Open TG Captions - Hey! I've also noticed the website is currently broken. When I first designed it, it wasn't meant to get this big, and I think that's one of the reasons it' A Life of Submission.

The Omar Bell Universe. Tina's Hardcore Erotica. Looking for a new blog or forum updated - So I got a few requests to keep adding to and polishing my sissy story and for them and for me -- because it is therapeutic -- I plan to. It's just that ov Keeping it Real.

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Help me Out? I'm going to let you all choose the picture I'm going to use for my wallpaper on my cellphone. Sci-Fi Kara's Caption Corner. Nikki's Sweet Dreams. It is a film of two latex lovers, one of which has a clear and cute epicene appearance. This gives the film spice, without being vulgar. In my view, a transvestite may appear as such, but it does not need to be a butchy clown with paint smeared on.

It's also nice to a film in which a couple just has some latex fun. There is no real pretentious plot. It's just a cross-dressing rubber doll who serves her mistress. The nice thing is that you can re-enact this film in the privacy of your own home. There is no need for a pool or gothic castle. This kind of films are a sign for me of how mainstream bondage and latex have become.

You only need to buy the attributes. The film itself can be purchased here. The only drawback is that the film is somewhat short. But 3 weeks! Very naughty of me and i apologise. It's not as if i have not had anything worth blogging with but somehow time got the better of me and the blog lapsed into a state of suspension. A poor excuse.

The title of this blog should be something many sissies can appreciate. It's about how we just love being humiliated and embarrassed, either by our superior Females or by things we do ourselves. Before i carry on however, there is one very important point to make on this subject and that is that whatever the scenario or situation there is nothing clever or even remotely erotic about deliberately forcing yourself on other people in order to arouse yourself.

Miss and i had a brief talk about this the other day when She asked what i did when at a public toilet and using the urinals. The question was very pertinent since i will always be wearing something feminine and girly under outer male clothing. She asked.

If anyone notices any of my pretties then they notice - i don't force them to notice by doing something outrageous like dropping my jeans to the floor! So back to the title of the blog. Miss has done this in the past with direct cuckolding either making me watch or forcing me to listen to Her on the phone.

There's also shopping trips. Making your sissy buy something for themselves with clear instructions to engage with shop assistants. There are also possibilities that could be explored with Her trusted friends. Imagine being told one day that your 'little secret' has been shared - and imagine not knowing who with?

Another effective method used by Superior Females it to publically address you as 'sissy'. This could be on a night out, at a restaurant.

Day to day at work Miss is a wearer of tights. Crinkly pink plastic pants go over the diaper. I guess I blush, but I am getting more used to it. Hope you are all well. I have stories on the free site fictionmania. Here is the follow up to Rent Free and a stand alone caption called Enigna Paradigm. Monday, 30 October Halloween Horror 2. Email This BlogThis!


You wait ages for a caption and two come along at the same time, they are just like buses in this regard. Forced femGirlfriendhumiliationPaybackpunishmentrevenge. Miss has done this in the past with direct cuckolding either making me watch or forcing me to listen to Her on the phone. Make the sissy wear a high-waist panty girdle that's two sizes too small. Cum On My Boots. I have had a very boring weekend as have not been feeling to good.

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