Tg Captions And Other Assorted Debaucheries

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Like this: Not a TG Caption. So, I do hope that you like what's happened to "Brandon", thus far. Picture courtesy of leofina on deviantart. Newer Post Older Post Home.

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Sunday, 5 October Body swap , m2f , step sister , stolen body. Monday, 29 September Body swap , co-worker , f2m , m2f , stolen body. Saturday, 20 September Friday, 19 September Bodyhopper , m2f , Possession , Russian mafia , stolen body. Body swap , m2f , Spells R' Us , stolen body. Wednesday, 17 September Curse , m2f , transformation.

Thursday, 21 August Off-topic, but addressing the whole controversy on GTAV and their treatment of transsexuals: No shit. A frequently misogynistic game that has you mowing down innocents, cops and thugs alike is also demeaning to the transsexual community. Who'd have thought.

Posted by Stephanie Bolt at Thursday, October 3, The Cascade Effect: Posted by Stephanie Bolt at 8: Chemical , Mental Change , w8z2x4m. Wednesday, September 18, To have this worthless piece of meat instead. Like what you see? Anne has a caption blog, a Tumblr, and more of her special works can be found at the Haven. Of course, I've told you about the Haven before Posted by Stephanie Bolt at 3: No comments: Alternate Reality , AnneOniMouse , guest cap , video game.

Evil inside. Posted by Stephanie Bolt at 2: Chelsea's Costume Shop: Steph The Bunny Girl. ChelseaBaker , guest cap , Magical Clothes. I have found in my time all have succumbed to its erotic wonder and most powerful state of bliss, for who can deny that the female is the loveliest thing of all things. About Me Julia View my complete profile.

Friday, June 28, Family Feminization. Just found a new blog well, it's been around for a while, but it's new to my list , Family Feminization Great pictures, and good storylines.

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If you like stories that contain several pictures, check out Candice's blog. Unknown February 16, at 6:

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The WordPress site will contain stories of my own creation, both TG and otherwise, but no captions. Fan fiction , m2f , Mass Effect. Newer Posts Older Posts Home. As you know, my old blog is not being taken down — since it contains mature content, and it was made before the deadline, it will simply be marked as private. However, given that I would have to personally share the blog with all of my followers, less than people would ever get to see it again! Posts Atom. Costumes are sometimes domestic, but always silky, very feminine and a little seductive.

TG Captions and Other Assorted Debaucheries:

Posts Atom. This Clinton system has been tried and tested for 10 years and is very successful, especially in the field of posture, gestures, expressions, tone of voice, and walk, all very important for that natural image. So sorry about the long wait! Subscribe to: Thank you all for coming to see my new blog, expect a lot of changes very soon! Feminization Hypnosis.

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