Dustin From The Real World Secret Video

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Laughs I would rather not! Follow Us: Can you tell us if you and Heather are together today? Dustin and Heather continued their relationship when appearing on The Challenge: Most seasons of The Real World , beginning with its fifth season , have included the assignment of a season-long group job or task to the housemates, continued participation in which has been mandatory to remain part of the cast since the Back to New York season. Hidden categories: Dustin is the boyishly handsome, Southern charmer who has managed to get along well with his roommates save for a lame bull-riding argument with Mike , wooed petite Heather into a PDA-filled relationship, and seems to have genuinely been trying to work on bettering himself during this experience…UNTIL.

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How is it shaming him to publicize the films that he was paid for his performances in? It has been out for a while. What a bossy bottom! What does anyone have to prove but him? He was the Real World making very, very homophobic remarks so he deserves to be ground into the dirt IMO. I agree with Michael. This guy catered to gay men, made money off of gay men, then chooses to be on a reality tv show where he trashes gay men?

Not cool. Thank you! To be honest. Less manly, it also automatically means you are gay, when in reality. In porn they can give you a shot to stay hard, they give you but plugs, etc before even a live scene such as this one. I am talking this kid. The truth is that I never get the need to come up with alternative theories for a situation beyond the obvious one where such thought is not warranted.

My back hurts just from looking at the 1st few seconds of that click. Man, he can really move that booty. Oct 17th…. Half of women sleep with other women before they marry a man. Ladies have gotten a pass for the past 12 years, guys are subject to a double standard so they suppress or deny their interests. The kid signed an agreement at the time, and was paid for his, ahem, services.

The realities of the market make gay porn more lucrative. And bottoms are reportedly often paid more than tops.

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If the reverse were true, hot gay guys would be doing straight porn, and there would be way less backlash. No other similar combination gay-s. The real hilarity here is that anyone really thinks that pics and vids can ever be removed from the internet.

What a shocker. Admitting you were essentially a hooker and straight guy being a gay hooker problem wasnt easy for him to accept about himself. Search for: Get Queerty Daily Subscribe to Queerty for a daily dose of dustinzito gayforpay porn stories and more. Franco Who cares? You may be asking, until what? I sniff girls underwears!

What makes his comments even more ridiculous is the fact that Dustin used to work in the gay porn industry. True story. You can see some of those NSFW porn photos here. I am not judging his choice of livelihood, but it makes me even more shocked that he would say such a thing. In an interview with Ology, Dustin tries to defend his comments and shed some light on his former career.

I will now take some bass out of my voice and gingerly step down from my soapbox so you may enjoy some excerpts from that interview below. With the porn, it was one of those things where I was so scared to tell people right off the bat. People were gonna put me in a category. I mean, first of all, Heather would have never talked to me. We would have never dated.

Leroy and I would have probably never been friends; he would have passed me as the gay roommate right off the bat, because of [what I did]. My whole scheme of telling people was: I always have a smile on my face. I was always the most positive person in the room. So I took that route… I just got riled in. It was supposed to be one of those things where you for a couple weeks and then you go back home.

Three years. It was a good while! It all started with the [Fratmen] video.

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While there, [7] he petitioned the governor of Maine to let him take college classes, [9] and established the Creek to College program that encourages residents to pursue education. Moller Awards. Questions remain over Nany and Adam's relationship status, however, which leads to conflict for them and other potential suitors, another drunken rage by Adam, and the revelation by Nany that she has experienced domestic violence in the past. Get Queerty Daily Subscribe to Queerty for a daily dose of dustinzito gayforpay porn stories and more. Also discussed were the Twitter wars amongst the housemates, with a preview of The Challenge: Thank you!

Dustin Zito’s Fratpad gay porn past revealed on first episode of The Real World:

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