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Cali logan as Batgirl That would be hot!! These users have liked this post tamonicus. Kendra James is the best Poison Ivy. She plays the character better than everyone else and she has the perfect look for Ivy. Kendra James Poison Ivy. I support the Children of Liberty.

Vote Ben Lockwood for president in Ashley Adams is one of the Primal models I like but couldn't remember her name. These users have liked this post viking. I have to stand by my 'Wonder Women': I do enjoy Cherie Deville and Darling in the roles. ZFX shockwave had a couple of superheroine vids that were good.

Penny Barber and Sahrye should do a superheroine vid - it would sell. Would still really love to see Abella Danger wear the star spangled shorts As someone stated in another "adult" site, and I quote: She's consistently had a top 10 fetish store for over ten years now. She travels all over the world for modeling, and she is continually in demand. No matter what some brokeback producers will tell you, those numbered rankings are a clear indicator of unbiased success.

The rankings and sales figures do not lie, they show you who has game and who does not. Popularity doesn't mean shit. Sales are the only thing that matters to fetish producers. Most people doing this are making beer money, and that's about it. The stability of her rankings says a lot about her quality of product, and whether or not randos still drop their pants and fap to her content.

It's pretty clear they still do. Shakeshift wrote: There's probably a dozen more which have left the industry by now, though. Christina Carter x Hottest Wonder Woman, period. Mia Malkova All of her movies are great, but she pulls off the SG thing better than anyone I can think of. Great at selling the false confidence where you know she's feeling overwhelmed but trying to act tough Brooklyn Chase was another hot, bratty WW.

Pamela Vorhees has the body and is another one who sells the vibe really well. Of course, Coco is always worth a look. Whatserface from Eye of the Beholder. Any of the girls in the criminally scarce kink.

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Women bending over showing panties Alex David in some of her earliest shg scenes as WW. She's always hot to me, but that first Liberty Girl feature-length was next level.

Raven Alexis in the first Superheroine Nightmare was great. She would make a great Xena, like she does Wonder Woman. Now that would be hot. But I would personally like to see Christie Stevens in the Supergirl suit. She has been in Alex videos like XCW. From porstylefantasies.

And then in the present, Goddess Heather character will be in America testing out her new found strength on Wonder Woman even though no other amazon is allow outside their island. Because this equally string amazon has sold out to outsiders to become stronger. Aaliyah Love looked delicious in the Supergirl outfit great casting choice, whoever made that call.

What powers does she use? Also, how is she defeated? Does someone pull out some kryptonite or its equivalent? Does someone use magic on her? Or is there an opponent who is simply stronger than she is? Just my thoughts. Let me know what everyone else thinks. Also, would you ever do a video with one of the people from this site? Thanks so much!! I was also thinking of Christina Carter playing a Batwoman with a muscular female playing a female Bane.

So fitness female or muscular female, just so long as they still have a feminine figure or close enough, depending on what kind of scene they would be in. And sometimes play a heroine like a batwoman being done in by Catwoman. Still going to get this video from the photos I see here, despite any bad performence in this video that appearatly was a custom anyways, but very nice idea done in this custom.

Basic trailers are actually super duper easy to do and do not require professional editor skills honestly. It can all be done with very basic software. Christina Carter always looks amazing as Wonder Woman seriously, she was born to wear the costume , and that is a hell of a cast. Darklord, thanks for your input.. I like hearing it all…good and bad. This was a custom, someones thoughts and fantasies brought to life.

I have had some great reviews sent to me personally. I sincerely apologize that you did not like this clip. I hope to make you happier in the future if you give me that chance. As for Trailers… I would love to make trailers for all my clips. But That takes time and money with the editors.

Do any of you edit? Anyone want to work with me on that?? I have to admit that is a bit entertaining just to think of someone watching porn in 3D glasses…lol… I love it!!! I hate to be so negative but this movie fell well short of expectations based on the pictures, actresses involved, etc. While I expected this video to porn-heavy, the fight choreography was downright horrible which is shocking considering these girls have played in so many heroine movies previously and done a great job.

The punches are thrown at half speed if that and the fight scenes are extremely sloppy at best. Why not just have one of the villains where the strap on and do it? The ten second preview on the C.

Reality 10, Just my thoughts. Sign Up. Hoping he uses her again some day. HD

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