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They have fully animated, interactive RAPE games, and they ban anal-insertion? Posted by SomeGuy 5 years ago Report Very true, donut. At the same time, by grasping the defining, interactive patterns that constitute the world, society, people and upright conduct, one gains the key to acting appropriately. Loving it already. Confucianism and Ecology: To study traditional Chinese philosophy, especially Confucian thought, one must engage the ideas and works of Zhu Xi.

An encyclopedia of philosophy articles written by professional philosophers.

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Style Skin: Upload Files. Chu Hsi and His Masters: Pioneering historical study. Chan, Wing-tsit Princeton UP, Reflections on Things at Hand: Columbia UP. Chu Hsi and Neo-Confucianism. Hawaii UP. Detailed studies of key issues in Zhu Xi scholarship; for the specialist.

Chu Hsi: Life and Thought. Hong Kong: Hong Kong UP. General essays; clear and accessible. New Studies. Chang, Carsun Bookman, Feng, Youlan Princeton UP, vol. Gardner, Daniel Chu Hsi and Ta-hsueh: Learning to Be a Sage: California UP. Graham, A. Hawaii UP, Kim, Yung Sik American Philosophical Society.

Lovejoy, Arthur O. A Study of the History of an Idea, Cambridge: Needham, Joseph a. Cambridge UP, Schirokauer, Conrad Wright and D.

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Ellie last of us xxx Stanford UP, Detailed but engaging account. Thompson, Kirill O. Barnhart, ed. Lexington Books. Tillman, Hoyt Detailed historical study that situates Zhu in the context of the intellectual issues and debates of the day.

Wilson, Thomas A. Stanford University Publications. New approach that sees politics and ideology in the competing accounts of the Confucian Way. Wittenborn, Allen Please do not ask me for links. All characters are fictional and are depicted as over the age of 18 years or equivalent. Add a Comment: Load All Images. Donutwish Featured By Owner May 1, Uberq Featured By Owner May 8, I love your work!

You definitely make the best character Diva. You also draw the whole body very well, including the feet. Donutwish Featured By Owner May 9, Uberq Featured By Owner May 9, Donutwish Featured By Owner May 10, Unfortunately, the group that Diva is the mascot for hasn't exactly been knocking on my door anymore for requests.

Oh well! Donutwish Featured By Owner Jan 12, Yes it is, and it's also the same on Hentai-Foundry. I am known as Donutwish on all three sites. Except Tumblr, because some jerk stole my name there. Bob Featured By Owner Jun 28, This Deviation has been featured here -: Donutwish Featured By Owner Jun 28, Thanks for the feature.

Demonizer68 Featured By Owner Apr 7, Is it just me or does Anna look similar to from the project sigma pics? Donutwish Featured By Owner Apr 7, Someone noticed! Yes, it's Anna and are indeed the same person sort of. Don't really have a back story for her, but I liked her look and wanted to draw her again.

Well I can see why, perhaps or 's depending on how many you have is possible a minature clone of Anna? Donutwish Featured By Owner Apr 8, Hey, stop reading my mind! Now that I remember back to the Project Sigma story, they are indeed mass-produced organisms that are based on the genetic blueprints of real individuals that have been carefully screened.

They're heavily modified to suit a variety of testing requirements and come in a variety of sizes. If you would like to purchase some, they're only available to academic and government research facilities. Corporate and private organizations under government contract may also be eligible. I recommend the base model that originated from.

It has a very gentle and passive demeanor, typical to many prey test units. Demonizer68 Featured By Owner Apr 8, I don't run the Bio labs, it's just somewhere that my Lab Rat Liz works, although most of the creatures thier are more bacteria, or moisture feeders, or they are just looking for a "living nest" to place thier eggs.

But they might get some use out of the 's, afterall one of the purposes of having the labs and indeed the Lab Rats, is to help make the Creatures feel more comfortable around humans, allowing for more in depth reasearch. At least that's what they told me and what Liz may have mentioned while I was playing my video games.

I'm still somewhat hesitant to fully accept vore, despite some commissions I'm doing related to the subject matter.

Donutwish Featured By Owner Jan 12, Admittedly, it also ends with anal vore-related death, but it will be played more for laughs, and have a heavier focus on the pre-dinner erotica you know, because I'm a guy. If you would like to purchase some, they're only available to academic and government research facilities. At the same time, he effectively criticizes competing accounts of "humanity" on logical, semantic and ethical grounds.

Zhu Xi (Chu Hsi, 1130—1200):

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Cambridge UP, After losing his father, Zhu Song , in his youth, he was raised in the company of several eclectic scholars, including Buddhists.

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