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Fairy Godmother Brett Smiley The tagline sensationally broadcast: Login access is disabled. HD IMDb: In the year , sex is forbidden and Big Brother uses robots to keep on eye on everyone.

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List 16 - I want to see. Disney Classics Animated. Share this Rating Title: Cinderella 6. Use the HTML below. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. User Polls I'm walking here! I'm walking here! Learn more More Like This.

Fairy Tales Adventure Comedy Fantasy. The Devil's Nightmare Fantasy Horror. Fascination Miami Connection Action Crime Thriller. Kim, Vincent Hirsch, Joseph Diamand. The Kentucky Fried Movie A series of short, highly irreverent, and often tasteless skits. Evan C. American Pop Animation Drama History. Beyond the Valley of the Dolls Comedy Drama Music. Three girls come to Hollywood to make it big, but find only sex, drugs and sleaze.

Cinderella Catharine Burgess, Jay B. Larson, Vaughn Armstrong.

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Deathgasm Action Comedy Horror. Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: Cheryl Smith Cinderella Yana Nirvana Drucella Marilyn Corwin Marbella Jennifer Stace Stepmother as Jennifer Doyle Sy Richardson Fairy Godmother Brett Smiley Prince Kirk Scott Lord Chamberlain Boris Moris King Pamela Stonebrook Queen Ray Myles Farm Girl Linda Gildersleeve Farm Girl Robert Stone Farm Girls' Father Mariwin Roberts Edit Storyline An adaptation of the fairy tale, Cinderella traces the misadventures of our heroine, who, via the help of her "fairy" i.

Plot Keywords: What the prince slipped Cinderella was not a slipper. Parents Guide: Edit Details Country: Release Date: Also Known As: Production Co: Sound Mix: Edit Did You Know? Goofs In the final scene of the film the mouth of the fairy Godmother does not match the spoken dialogue. Quotes Marbella: Alternate Versions West German theatrical version was cut by approx.

The cheapy-made, tame, silly and absurdist comedy with crude sexual humor was a remake of the French porno film Le Sexe qui parle , Fr. It also described: You'll roar when she sits down to talk. The light-hearted, non-raunchy film told about young Penelope "Penny" Pittman B-movie starlet Candice Rialson , a hairdresser who had a special talent - a talking and singing vagina dubbed "Virginia".

In the opening scene, Penny's non-tactful chatterbox ended her relationship with clumsy, bespectacled boyfriend Ted King Perry Bullington when she criticized his bedroom love-making abilities Virginia asked: Wisecracking Virginia identified herself: At the hair salon where she worked for effeminate salon owner-boss Mr. Then, sex-obsessed Virginia caused Penny more grief with a lesbian dominatrix client named Mrs.

Marlene Hozenfeld Arlene Martel. Penny's chatterbox proposed: Penny confessed to her psychiatrist Dr. Pearl Larry Gelman , "I have a vagina that can talk," and called it "a foul-mouthed little beast. Pearl became her agent, and she took to Hollywood to perform with her miraculous "down there" voice - the two appeared on Professor Irwin Corey's show titled Hollywood Open House.

Virginia covered over with a triangular-shaped patch emblazoned with the letter V performed her hit record - the disco song Wang Dang Doodle. The songs were penned by popular singer Neil Sedaka! Then during a cross-country tour, she created a sensation at other locales including the singing the national anthem at a major league baseball game Virginia sported different costumes, one of which was a self-adhesive feathered bikini.

Penny also was forced to pose for naked photographs, and felt ignored as the photographers zeroed in on Virginia. Penny also was the guest star in a new, adult-oriented quiz show called The Mating Game. She asked questions of three bachelor candidates behind a large screen, and won a date with one of the three males, a guy named Dick Michael Taylor. In his home, she dressed like a princess while he entered the bedroom in a suit of armor without a back-end.

Virginia quipped: Virginia and Penny were honored in the Rose Parade, at Grauman's Chinese Theatre - both left their signatures and imprint in the wet cement, and with two stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The film ended with a distressed Penny running out of the movie studio and taking a taxi to an oceanside cliffside where she contemplated jumping and committing suicide.

She suddenly heard a second voice in unison singing Beautiful Dreamer. She glanced over and saw Ted, also naked under a trenchcoat. They ran into each other's arms to embrace and live happily-ever after. This zany X- or unrated also in an R version campy musical version of the fairy tale following after the previous year's Alice in Wonderland expectedly featured a lot of sexual innuendo.

See more about sexy parodies of fairy tales, such as director Harry Hurwitz' Fairy Tales The film from director Michael Pataki was advertised with the taglines: The title character B-movie cult actress Cheryl Rainbeaux Smith - rather than a glass slipper, had a "snapping pussy" given to her by her gay, black drag queen "fairy" godmother Sy Richardson. Cinderella had two jealous and lesbian stepsisters: The two mocked her for wanting to go to the ball - they stripped her down for a bath and rubbed her chest with butter not soap , dumped ashes not bath powder on her head, squashed berry juice onto her lips, cracked raw eggs on her head as jewels for a tiara , and then draped her naked body with rags.

They also forced her to operate a spinning wheel that pleasured them with corncob vibrators orgasms produced popcorn! During a blindfolded orgy at the castle, the Prince Brett Smiley made love to a mysterious sex-partner that had been the best fit for him. However, she had fled from him when the hour came that she would be returned to her ordinary circumstances.

He went door-to-door to every hovel to try to find the unique female with a "snapping pussy. At Cinderella's house, he finally found what he was looking for. Director Peter Yates' suspenseful thriller, based on the Peter Benchley novel, told about a treasure hunt in the Caribbean. Two unsuspecting divers became involved in a threatening drug war.

It was timed to appear soon after the success of Jaws also based on a Peter Benchley novel - making it a major box-office hit the seventh highest-grossing film of the year. Although a mediocre film, it was credited? Producer Jon Peters was quoted as saying: The film's iconic image, extremely well-publicized and exploited both for the film and poster sales , was of wet white T-shirt wearing, vacationing scuba-diver Gail Berke Jacqueline Bisset during the opening minutes credits sequence while she scuba-dived in the beautiful tropical waters of Bermuda.

She and her partner David Sanders Nick Nolte in his debut starring film came across the remains of sunken vessels with precious cargos of morphine and jewels. In the following scene, she then emerged out of the water, sat on the edge of the dive boat, and discreetly removed her T-shirt when she turned around. The film continued to try and capitalize on Jacqueline Bisset's assets with two other scenes: Demon Seed aka Generation Proteus.

Director Donald Cammell's sci-fi horror film, with a screenplay derived from Dean R. Koontz's novel, contained one of the most bizarre and disturbing 'violation by a machine' rape scenes in cinema history. The tagline sensationally broadcast: Never was a woman violated as profanely Never was a woman subject to inhuman love like this Never was a woman prepared for a more perverse destiny The main mechanical character was a domestic supercomputer named Proteus IV voice of Robert Vaughn - a villainous technological machine similar to The computer eventually imprisoned her in the electronically-controlled and voice-activated environment of a house laboratory, and took over the house computer control system named "Alfred.

It also took the shape of a bizarre polyhedronic orangish metallic structure a giant "snake" comprised of perfectly-shaped pyramids. During a thorough physiological examination of Susan, it first took an automatic pair of scissors and cut her dress lengthwise up her body - and then it probed her all over. Its metallic fingers spread her legs and examined her intimately.

Later, Proteus tried to brainwash Susan: You want to be the mother of my child. That is the purpose of your life. Your life, my child. Proteus explained how the full-term pregnancy would last only 28 days, after which she would give birth to a "full-term infant. When she rebelled against Proteus, the supercomputer became ruthless. She was again strapped to a laboratory bed, while the machine promised: I can't touch but I can see.

After the infant's birth, it would be transferred to an incubator to grow rapidly. The baby that was born appeared to be robotic, but it was merely a metallic shell. Once peeled off, it revealed a long-haired young daughter, a clone of the Harris' daughter that had recently died of leukemia on June 1, The child spoke with the voice of Proteus: Peter Shaffer's play rocked the London and Broadway stages in the seasons.

The play's content then further inflamed critics when Shaffer created a film screenplay for Sidney Lumet's explicit film version. Its tagline hinted at the film's plot: It opened with a voice-over, asking: The narrator was troubled, distraught, and soul-searching psychiatrist Martin Dysart Richard Burton , who was treating the boy in an extreme case of brutality.

In a rage, he had inexplicably and horrifically blinded six horses with a metal steel spike at his place of work on weekends: Harry Dalton's Harry Andrews stables. Then began a flashback, to properly and in order tell the story - set in Hampshire, England. Slowly, the source of the severely-troubled boy's obsession with horses and outrageous behavior was determined by 45 minute daily sessions of therapy, self-tape recordings, hypnosis, acting-out, a placebo truth pill, Freudian couch discussions and the release of repressed emotions.

His problems stemmed mostly from his over-protective parents, who had raised their son based on their rigid values: Alan had been introduced to Mr. Dalton to work at the stable by Jill Mason Jenny Agutter , a frequent rider and the daughter of a nearby antique shop owner. Although Alan claimed he never rode the horses that he meticulously groomed and cleaned beyond the call of duty, the distraught and upset stable manager Dalton suspected that Alan would sneak out at night and ride the horses.

Under hypnosis, Alan revealed that he rode bareback in the nude until he was aroused "stiff in the wind" and in an ecstasy, climaxed atop his beloved horse: Forever one person. I love you. Bear me away. Make us now one person". Afterwards, he spent hours cuddling, kissing, and embracing the horse.

Then Jill propositioned him late one afternoon for a date, and suggested that they see a Swedish skin flick titled "Swede and Low" in a local movie theatre. The auditorium was filled with men - Alan's father abruptly appeared and sternly dragged him outside, although Jill confessed it was entirely her idea. And then his father explained he was solely there for business with the theater's manager - although Alan knew it was a lie.

In the last twenty minutes of the film, Alan described how he was offered his first emotionally-exposed human sexual experience with Jill above the horses after they had walked back to the stable. After they both undressed standing at opposite ends of the stable loft, they complimented each other on their mutual nakedness: He rolled off of her, turned away, and felt ashamed.

He explained: Only him. Every time I kissed her, he was in the way When I touched her, I felt him. His side under me, waiting for my hand. I refused him. I looked -- looked right at her and I couldn't do it. When I shut my eyes, I saw him at once, the streaks on his belly. I couldn't feel her flesh at all. I wanted the foam off his neck, not flesh. Hide, horse hide.

And I couldn't even kiss her. Although she was reassuring as she dressed: I don't mind. Really I don't.. There's nothing wrong Please believe me, there's nothing at all wrong," Alan couldn't accept her words and ordered her out, disregarding her offer to sit down and talk. She protested that she was his friend and that it didn't matter, but he refused to listen.

He believed that the spirit of Equus was watching him with the female, and caused him to not be able to perform. His twisted religiousity and pathological-sexual fascination and fixation with horses led to his crime. Alan's outrage at his personal deity was triggered by his sexual inadequacy with Jill, and he took his frustrated guilt and anger out on the horses.

That same night, he plead forgiveness from Equus "Equus the merciful, forgive me. It wasn't me, not really me. Take me back. I'll never do it again, I swear, please! My god hast seen! No more Equus! Thou, God seest nothing". As Mr. Dalton arrived in the midst of the commotion, Alan screamed out: After the mutilation incident, Jill had a "complete and utter breakdown.

Dysart revealed his own state of envy of the boy, who had passionately and fiercely made the horses objects of godliness and love, and wondered if curing him might be wrong: He's virtually been destroyed by it. But one thing I know for sure. That boy has known a passion more ferocious than I have known in any second of my life. Well, let me tell you something, I envy it. The Happy Hooker Goes to Washington The second ribald film in the "Happy Hooker" trilogy had the tagline: See also the other films in the trilogy in their respective years: In this installment in the three-part series, the sassy-mouthed Xaviera Joey Heatherton had moved to Hollywood, where she was writing an advice column.

However, the celebrated madam and writer was called to Washington to testify at a Senate hearing on sex excesses. Her irreverent testimony and crusade for sexual enlightenment highlighted the hypocritical attitudes of some of the perverted and scandalous congressmen, discovered to be involved in white slavery.

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During the "Catholic High School Girls in Trouble," as the male rubbed the female's large breasts, the sound effects were like the rubbing of a balloon. Plot Keywords. Photographer and "master of erotica" director David Hamilton's with his directorial film debut romantic drama was composed of soft-focus, photographic quality images of sexual awakening. Cinderella Gallery View images from Disney's Cinderella. In the early 20th century; she married wealthy Nottingham colliery owner Sir Clifford Chatterley James Norton , who was disabled, confined to a wheelchair, and sexually-impotent; so she sought fulfillment with handsome gamekeeper Oliver Mellors Richard Madden.


  1. In the early 20th century; she married wealthy Nottingham colliery owner Sir Clifford Chatterley James Norton , who was disabled, confined to a wheelchair, and sexually-impotent; so she sought fulfillment with handsome gamekeeper Oliver Mellors Richard Madden.
  2. The film climaxed tragically, when Sylvia told Fabrizio that she could not remain as his queen and must return to school.
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  8. Edit Storyline An adaptation of the fairy tale, Cinderella traces the misadventures of our heroine, who, via the help of her "fairy" i.
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