Other Things You May Have Forgotten The Internet Hates

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Most popular. Thanks for being real, Sir. So I want to thank you for creating this little bit of space to do life together. This post would make a sample text for Appraisal Analysis in linguistics class! I video chatted with a friend in Brazil just the other day. Reassessing this from time to time is important.

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An isolated incident is one thing, but LaBeouf breaks out the fisticuffs on an almost annual basis. An Explainer. Featured Movies. The Rundown: Featured Music. Featured DimeMag. Featured Life. Search for: About About Corporate Privacy Terms. Sign Up Sign In. There was only a single moment of relief between the opening and closing credits… 3. LaBeouf was arrested for misdemeanor drunk driving.

Share This. Around The Web. I remember feeling like the internet was on one virtual street. One website lined up next to the other. And as soon as i strayed off this path i got incredibly dislocated and felt like i had to close Netscape to start again. Back in dial-up days, being online could get pretty expensive, which ID found out the hard way.

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Back in , 2 years after the internet became available in my hometown of Taipei, I could only get my access to the internet via dial-up on a pay-by-minute basis, which is quite different from what people may enjoy today.

Under these circumstances, those interesting explorations into the internet soon became expensive phone bills for my parents. BeansYa told us:. In a friend of mine who was studying to be a patent attorney explained how email and browsers worked. We typed it in and anxiously awaited what it would appear.

We were kinda disappointed, we left the library deciding that the internet was rubbish. My first experiences of the internet were helping my grandfather answer The Scotman's Factfinder Crosswords using a software meta crawler which you downloaded to your desktop and which queried a number of search engines to get you "the right answer". Every weekend the desk the family computer was on would be covered in Post It notes with questions like "who scored for 6 against England in " and then a character count for how long the answer was.

Everything was dial-up of course with a long telephone cable running down the hall corridor to where the phone was normally plugged in. At one point, GeoCities was the fifth most popular site on the web. Tackler7 remembers being impressed by the possibilities for his own website:. GeoCities was a particular favourite.

I marvelled at the sheer range of interests and the differences in design - from the brilliant to the gaudy rubbish. I decided that I wanted one and with the aide of a free piece of software I built my first site - for my office five-a-side team. I remember being really proud in showing it off for the first time and it was rated as site of the month in a computer magazine, which made my day.

I am 23 years old and I am probably part of the first generation to really grow up with the internet and not really remember what life was like without the internet. On the flip-side of that, I still remember when the internet was slow, unwieldy and basically for reading. I was in Year 1 of school, so must have been 5 years old. We were supposed to have a webcam chat with a school in America but it was everything you would expect of a webcam chat in - a grainy picture moving so slowly that it actually only obscured communication.

I'm not even sure the audio worked. It was however pretty mindblowing for a 5 year old in deepest darkest North East England to see other 5 year olds all the way in the USA. Nowadays, a lot of schools have their own IT room. One of which was our library and it would take up to five minutes sometimes just to get a web page up. Usually naughty images. A green text display made by Alpha Micro.

Used in Proper internet, not a limited bulletin board. I cant remember the name of the browser we had. The lack of graphics wasnt too much of a problem in the early days. We really enjoyed receiving all your submissions - you can take a look at the rest of them on GuardianWitness. As ever, feel free to add your own in the comments below.

Here are 25 things you may have forgotten about the internet: The screech of the modem Remember when you had to listen to this before you could check your email? Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Google, circa Google as it looked in , two years before I heard of this strange and wonderful website that would help you find anything that you were looking for on the internet.

The golden age eh. When asked what I'd like to search for, I just shrugged. Getting the hang of it now, I requested a picture of Dennis Bergkamp. I was going to read the internet I remember when I first heard about the internet and decided I was going to learn so much by reading it.

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Ask Jeeves - Politely mind you. I think freaking out unnecessarily is one of my super powers. Fear of a foreign landscape I remember feeling like the internet was on one virtual street. I need to get back into journaling, probably.

Why I Sometimes Hate the Internet:

The Internet has pretty much done the same thing as both of those revolutions. Thanks for the great conversation starter Jeff. Zac Gelfand He showed it to us one day. At one point, GeoCities was the fifth most popular site on the web.

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