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This is a truly unique gift that Chandra-Shekar has given us. He has revealed the Gayatri Mantra in a way that is deeply respectful and yet easily accessible. For the serious seeker, the explanations are carefully done yet elegantly simple, and for the new explorer this is a wonderful aid to relaxation and deep meditation. This ease of accessibility is an important step in the evolution of this mantra, especially to Westerners.

Jonathan H. Ellerby PhD
Spiritual Program Director, Canyon Ranch

The Gayatri came into my life through divine intervention! After being diagnosed with cancer, I reached out to friends who introduced me to Chandra-Shekar. Through his help with hypnosis and visualization, I became attuned with myself and the universe.  I stopped being sorry for myself.

It was then that he introduced me to the Gayatri Mantra. The Gayatri changed my life and sent me on my journey of healing.

Chandra-Shekar’s rendition of the Gayatri spoke to my heart and to my sub-conscious on a vibrational level. Listening to the Gayatri helped me through my surgery. In the past, I have had other surgeries but this surgery was the easiest one by far. When I woke up after five hours of anesthesia, I felt like I had been napping. I was amazed. My stay in the hospital was supposed to be five days to one week; I was out in three. The nurses called me their star patient. I give thanks to Chandra-Shekar and the Gayatri Mantra for my rapid recovery, both physically and emotionally. The Gayatri and I have become one, and as I still listen to it everyday, I feel my heart beat in unison to the rhythm of his chanting.

Marlene Bracali

Chandra-Shekar has brought us a warm and wonderful gift from an ancient wisdom lineage that has been passed down through generations of his family.  His soft and soothing voice, along with exquisite Indian percussion and Tomas Michaud’s skillful guitar music carries the spoken word and chanting in a delightful wave that elicits a meditative state. It is a treat to receive this legacy of Indian spiritual wisdom in a form that is easy to take in, especially for the Western mind, but produces such powerful impact and healing. I am grateful that he has shared his heritage and his journey with us in such a beautiful way.

Dr. Tom Pinkson
Psychologist, Shaman and Author of
“Do they celebrate Christmas in Heaven?”
San Rafael, CA

Being Indian, and living in India, I have grown up listening to the chants of the Gayatri Mantra. The Gayatri is an intrinsic and indelible part of every Hindu home. Hindu religious ceremonies are incomplete without the chanting of the Gayatri Mantra. So I find it not in the least surprising that there are so many versions of this Mantra, sung, or recited, by numerous artistes.

The very first time I listened to Chandra-Shekar’s rendition of the Gayatri, I was caught completely off-guard. I had not anticipated the myriad emotions I would feel throughout the chanting. The sheer simplicity and purity of his rendition moved me to tears; the hypnotic resonance of his voice against a background score that can only be described as soul-searching, brought to the surface memories long forgotten. I thought of loved ones who had departed and felt their loss all over again.

But it was also incredibly cathartic, because at the end of Chandra-Shekar’s chanting of the Gayatri, I felt an indescribable and overwhelming sense of peace.

Never has any other version of the Gayatri Mantra moved me as much as his rendition of it. Now, whenever I think of the Gayatri, I think of him.

I am so very, very proud that Chandra-Shekar is my brother.

Usha Vijayarajan
Bangalore, India

At the Nine Gates Mystery School, we use sound in its myriad of forms to assist in both waking up the energy centers and returning the bodies to new levels of vitality and wholeness.  The Gayatri is one of the most ancient Sanskrit mantras which awakens the third eye, the command center for “unified vision”, where the discursive, linear brain can be suspended.  This mantra speaks to the non-thinking part of us — to the heart, and our very core of aliveness.  Many artists have performed the Gayatri, bringing music and chant to this very auspicious mantra.  None, however, have fused as successfully as Chandra-Shekar, both the teachings of the Gayatri and the magic of its experienced sound vibration.  We will be honored to use this recording in our schools as a gateway.

Deborah Jones
Spiritual Leader
Nine Gates Mystery School
Loomis, CA

Chandra-Shekar gave me an early copy of his chanting of the Gayatri Mantra a few months ago. On my early morning and evening walks, and during yoga, I listen to his Gayatri Mantra and it heightens my sense of quietness and peacefulness within. I love Chandra-Shekar’s resonant voice and the guitar and rhythm of Tomas Michaud – the combination is enchanting.  It is truly a wonderful gift from these two artists and I am deeply grateful!

Linda Breitstone
San Francisco, CA

Chandra-Shekar’s Gayatri Mantra will become a spiritual classic of great value to both the general public and health care professionals. The music has a profound effect on emotional healing, cognitive growth and stress reduction. The beautiful effects of mantric sound, rhythmic patterns, and praise to the Divine puts one into a state of earnest prayer, allowing one to open one’s heart and to stay connected to the Light of God Within.

David Allen, Ph.D.
Del Mar, CA

When Chandra-Shekar played his CD of the Gayatri Mantra for me, I really didn’t know what to expect.  Yet, I was about to experience something truly transforming.  The words and cadence of this ancient prayer, coupled with his extraordinarily beautiful voice and the soulful music of Tomas Michaud, touched something deep inside my heart.  Tears welled up in my eyes and I felt an immediate sense of well being and love.  I experienced a profound peace that stayed with me for days.  It was a healing experience. Chandra-Shekar’s recording of the Gayatri has become an integral part of my spiritual practice.

Michele Barton
San Rafael, CA

I consider it my very good fortune to have been assigned the seat next to Chandra-Shekar on a recent flight to Hawaii. That’s when I became aware that you and I are the recipients of something truly magical for the lack of a better word.

It’s hard enough keeping up with life when things are “normal”, but with one phone call, such as the doctor’s office confirming your pathology report that “you have cancer”, or the stress of taking care of a parent after their stroke, normalcy takes on a different meaning.  None of us has immunity from our various experiences and trials, and peace of mind can be so fragile and elusive.

As the flight progressed, I mentioned how much trouble I was having with stress, that it was taking a toll on my ability to sleep, to eat and to lead a halfway normal life.
Chandra-Shekar asked me if I would like to listen to something on his iPod that he had been working on to help people heal and achieve peace of mind.  It was his rendition of the Gayatri mantra.

As I listened, my whole body calmed down, it was magical. I felt myself drifting off as I tuned in to words that were a few thousand years old, a mantra that I wanted to hear over and over for the energy and power it seemed to have, sending peace and soothing to my soul.

I would like to add that I am a flight attendant with a national airline. In our industry, stress levels are very high and some staff members face debilitating and life threatening diseases.  I am convinced that this CD can help mitigate the anxiety and stress levels of my colleagues.

Carol Fenn
Dallas, TX