the CD

The CD and its Structure

This CD has a two-fold purpose.
On the one hand, it is meant to provide the listener with a background to the Gayatri Mantra in layperson’s terms; on the other, it gives one a vehicle to have a deeper and more meaningful spiritual and listening experience.

Many have asked me if this is a meditation CD.  You can certainly use it for meditation, but you can use it also as a vehicle to calm yourself or just to be inspired.

Tomas and I are working on The Magic of Gayatri – Volume 2, in which I chant the Gayatri mantra 108 times and which can be used for meditating and also just for pure listening pleasure.

As I say, it is music to soothe the spirit and stir the soul!

This CD has seven tracks.

Track 1: The Magic of Gayatri – Namaste
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I welcome the listener to The Magic of Gayatri experience

Track 2: The Gayatri Mantra – 9 Repetitions
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On this track, I chant the Gayatri mantra 9 times, accompanied by the guitar of Tomas Michaud.  The energy of this track is higher than track 6, but the vibrational quality is just as profound.

Track 3: The Magic of Gayatri – The Story
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Here, I provide the listener with a history of this ancient prayer, its broader meaning and its manifold benefits.

Track 4: Ode to Gayatri (Instrumental)
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Over the course of creating this album, Tomas Michaud has come to love the Gayatri Mantra and be touched by it himself.  We have spent hours in discussing the power of this universal prayer.

I asked him to compose an instrumental piece that reflected his feelings for the Gayatri.
We have called it “Ode to Gayatri”.

Tomas has done a beautiful job in capturing the spirit of the mantra.  I KNOW you will love this piece and be as moved by it as I was when I first heard it.

Track 5: The Magic of Gayatri – Meaning of the Mantra

I have been asked by many of you to provide a word for word interpretation of the mantra and the correct pronunciation.  I have attempted to do this on this track.

Track 6: The Gayatri Mantra – 54 Repetitions

Traditionally, the Gayatri mantra is chanted 108 times. The number 108 has tremendous significance for devout Hindus and is mentioned in many of the ancient scriptures.

I chose to chant it 54 times (one-half of 108) so that the individual meditating could end their session after 25 minutes or so. If the practitioner desired, they could repeat this track to achieve 108 repetitions.

You will notice that the energy of this track is somewhat softer than that of Track 2.  This has been done with the intent of creating a calmer environment for meditation, reflection and just pure listening with intent.

Track 7: Epilogue

A dedication to my father and an expression of gratitude to you, the listener.