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About Chandra-Shekar

I was born in India, but left the land of my roots and my ancestors when I was 22 to find my fortune in Europe.  I spent almost two decades in Germany where I got married and our kids were born.  I came to Northern California twenty years ago and now spend most of my time between here and the island of Hawai’i.

Although I was raised in a Hindu Brahmin family, I practice my own brand of spirituality.  I have developed a strong belief that one can find the Divine in oneself if one is a Seeker.

Career-wise, I have spent three and a half decades as an industry manager, business advisor, entrepreneur and venture capitalist.

In March of 2005, I lost my wife of 34 years – Steffi – to cancer.  I had been her caregiver for four years.

Soon after, I began an amazing healing and spiritual journey.  My life and my Lebensanschauung – my worldview – began to change as I came to understand what the path from grieving to healing to living life was about.

I have been writing about my experiences during this journey in a book that will be finished and published in 2008.

My journey has taken me into new realms.  I have become deeply interested and involved in alternative approaches to health and healing – the power of chant and deep meditation, sound and vibrational healing, yoga, quantum hypnotherapy and past life regression, and ancient indigenous healing wisdoms such as pranic healing and huna.

My curiosity has never been more aroused and I have met wonderful other healers on this journey.

I have also taken on the support of an orphanage for blind children in Bangalore, India.
Besides my business interests, I am a certified hypnotherapist, a life coach, an author and a public speaker.  In my hypnotherapy practice, I sometimes work on a pro bono basis with cancer patients.

I have two wonderful and supportive kids, a new lady in my life who shares my love for spiritual evolution, new friends including this supremely talented guitarist Tomas Michaud. Above all, I have had the divine inspiration to produce The Magic of Gayatri.

I feel enormously blessed!

Thank you for allowing me to share the magic of this ancient prayer with you.


Tomas Michaud and his Music

I am fortunate and blessed to have Tomas Michaud by my side on this journey!

His music is described by reviewers as “Deeply soulful, softly passionate, and inspiringly uplifting”….and so it is!

Allow me to quote from his website at www.worldmelodies.com:

“Tomas creates music that is exotic with a lingering sense of the familiar. Perhaps it’s his ability to meld the sights and sounds of his travels to far away places with his upbringing in the American pop culture. He writes the kind of songs that creates images of places you’d like to be often – even if only in your imagination. His influences are such diverse music talents as Carlos Santana, who communicates profound beauty in the way he plays even a few notes, and the Gipsy Kings, who are masters at creating songs which take the listener on a romantic, exotic adventure.”

Above all, I have come to know Tomas as a beautiful and gentle soul and I just have to share the following story with you.

Initially, I was convinced that I needed a synthesizer player to provide accompaniment to my chanting. I called Tomas to ask him if he knew any synthesizer players.  He indicated that indeed he did and would be happy to introduce me to them. But he also asked if I had considered guitar. He further told me that he had just started coursework in San Francisco on sacred chant!

I knew now that the Universe was giving me a strong message to collaborate with Tomas.  I thank the Supreme Being that I trusted my instincts and began this project with him.

More from his website:

“While creating his own blend of Smooth Jazz and Flamenco guitar with subtle twists of Latin American grooves and Middle Eastern Percussion, Tomas weaves a melodic, almost vocal, tapestry with his guitar that, if one listens carefully, can breath beauty and sacredness into even the most mundane events of daily life. There’s a kind of mystical yet practical spirituality to his music that has the effect of both calming and energizing.”

Tomas puts his heart and his soul into every pluck of the guitar string.  I think you will agree that his music is a truly a thing of joy.

Bikram Rajkumar – Flute

Bikram is an incredible Bansuri flute player who has trained in classical Indian music. A long-standing friend of Chinmayo, Bikram has played on many international productions, including several by Georg Deuter, Karunesh and Prem Joshua.

Tomas and I are grateful to Karunesh for introducing us to Bikram.  His soulful and sensual playing of the Bansuri flute adds a special dimension to a couple of tracks on this CD.