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Her nyloned thighs gripping my head became warm as she worked herself against me. Isn't that right Timmy!? Big Tits Zone We then swished to the counter. I was just waking up and then realized I was still in her bed, still tied securely as she opened the other drapes with a swish to further lighten the room. She took away all the other lingerie and the dress then sat next to me with her arm around me and held me close She pulled me to her, I could feel her breasts pushing against my face as she rubbed my back feeling the slippery nylon.

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I could hear the swish of all the satin and nylon and could hear her clothes too as she moved, her jewelry tinkling and her breasts jiggling under her deep blue satin blouse! She took a white nylon slip and, after making me put my arms up, she pulled it down over me and adjusted the straps.

I was amazed to realize that all the clothes fit so well. Aunt Madge and I were about the same size, making it easy for her to put me in her things. I want to quit, aunt Madge" I said as I gasped through my dry throat as she selected still more lingerie from the bed. She could tell I was starting to shake with nervous tension now because I had never worn this much before and I think she knew it!

She swished another full slip up and put it over my head. It was all nylon like the other one but this one was a nude colored, light tan nylon. She put the straps over my shoulders and let the slip fall. It swished into place over the white slip as it fell to it's full length showing the frilly lace trim at the hem. As she adjusted the straps I began to feel faint!

She giggled and then she started running her hands over my sides, my stomach, my hips and bottom, feeling the slips and making them swish and zip teasing me mercilessly as she worked the slippery, silken material against me! Hummm" she giggled as she worked the fabric. It was very feminine and I watched as she started to take it off the hanger.

I gasped, "Plea She stood there for a few moments then put the dress aside. She then had me sit on the bed. I was horrified when she went to the closet and brought out a pair of pink, stiletto high heels! She worked my nyloned feet into them then began buckling them tightly on me so they wouldn't come off. Even these pretty high heels fit you! She then had me stand once again and as I teetered on the five inch heels she went back to the closet and started rummaging through the clothes hanging there.

It was a blue, nylon chiffon gown done up in layers and layers of slippery, gleaming chiffon with a silky nylon layer underneath that was a little thicker. She quickly gathered it up and swished it over my head and worked my arms through the short sleeves then let it fall in a loud rustling swish as it fell all the way to the floor.

I was noticing the lace trim with red faced embarrassment as she put the long sleeved robe on me and tied the little bow in the front that was just under my new bustline! She rubbed me again, feeling the perfumed fabric and making me listen to the silken swish as she rubbed the material. Then she brushed against my front and found out that under the nightgown, under the creamy slips and under the bloomers and satin panties I was getting an erection.

She seemed a bit excited then seemed a bit satisfied. She then got another idea and went back to the closet and after rummaging for a moment longer she returned with an arm load of more of those chiffon nightgowns and robes! She then started swishing them over my head! After she had me in the gown she put me in the matching robe then put me in yet another gown!

There was a tan colored one, then another powder blue one then a green one and then she finished with two final sets of full length pink nightgowns! When she was done and tying the front of the last robe closed I looked like a satin doll all done up in the feminine frills! I started to faint, I tried walking and moving away from Madge as she finished with me but she caught me before I could fall or get away then steadied me and walked me over and sat me on the bed.

She took away all the other lingerie and the dress then sat next to me with her arm around me and held me close She pulled me to her, I could feel her breasts pushing against my face as she rubbed my back feeling the slippery nylon. She started rubbing my nyloned legs through all the slippery gowns and the slips as she worked me, teasing me to a fever pitch.

I started to gasp and couldn't talk as she continued. When she had worked my hard on to a fever pitch and could see it poking up and tenting all the nightgowns and slips up she then got up, took the large pink bath towel and spread it on the floor in front of her full length mirror.

She then led me over to the mirror then stood behind me and watched as I finally saw myself. She seemed to like watching as I squirmed and turned even more red faced with embarrassment as I stood there, her nephew all dolled up like a girl! Madge then fluffed the front of all the slips and nightgowns up then pulled down the bloomers!

I tried to pull them back up but she only pulled my arms behind me then held me tight as she continued. She held the gowns and slips up as she pulled the waist of the bloomers down and then pulled the panties down exposing my shaved balls and throbbing hard on! I felt her breasts pushing into my back as she held me. Then she took my penis and began stroking me with her pretty, feminine manicured hands with the long red nails.

She began working, up and down, up and down slowly as she cooed in my ear. The excitement was too much! I tried to squirm away but she held me tight! It just feels delicious doesn't it dearie? Don't fight it now, you just let aunty Madge work all of that excitement out of you boy.

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She then folded it over to layer the slippery material then she wrapped it around my hard on and started stroking me once again! The room was quiet. The perfume hung in the air as all that lingerie swished and gleamed in the light. Madge's manicured hand, now holding the pink frothy, lace trimmed slip now worked me in a steady rhythm!

I felt my hips twitch and then stumbled on the heels and started falling with my hips forward but she held me and wouldn't let me fall as she continued working me even faster until the slip in her hands was zipping and swishing in a frilly, pink whirl!

You need aunt Madge to help you enjoy these little feminine feelings. Look in the mirror, look in the mirror Timmy, aren't you just the most precious little feminine sissy? Aren't you? I couldn't talk now, all I could do was grimace and gasp as I tried to fight the feeling and what she was doing to me My nyloned legs gleamed in the light as they trembled and zipped together as I teetered on the pink stiletto heels!

The slips and nightgowns rustled and swished as I fell weak. But Madge held me tight and kept working me! Would you like that Timmy? Would you like me to dress you up every day as a pretty feminine girl? Maybe we could go shopping for dresses and lingerie just for you! Would you like that Timmy!?

Wouldn't that just feel delicious wearing dresses all day and then pretty nightgowns every night? Yes, I think that's just what we'll do! I gasped in horror at being made to go outside dressed like a girl and then being forced to go shopping with aunt Madge in a dress shop where all the ladies there could see me!

Won't that be fun Timmy? I gasped and grimaced once again. You need to get your fill of these pretty, feminine things so maybe you won't want to sneak in here, sneak into my lingerie drawers and be a naughty boy! Do you understand? Look into the mirror Timmy!

Yes, look into the mirror at all the pretty sissy clothes, all dolled up and all pretty and squirming as aunty Madge works him! I started to sob at the humiliating experience. My mascara started to run but she didn't stop! She pushed me forward causing my back to arch and my fake boobs to jiggle as my hips flung forward, straining my high heeled feet until I was on my toes!

She swished and worked me in the constant rhythm until I couldn't take anymore! I squealed like a girl and gasped as I felt the first twitch of my penis. I started spurting drops of come into the air and watched as they landed on the pink bath towel that was spread out in front of me.

Madge exclaimed with excitement as she continued, milking all the sperm out of me until my penis head was a deep reddish purple and my balls ached! Such a gooooood little boy, come for aunty Madge! Yesssss, yesss let's work out all of that nervous energy, yessssss! Let aunt Madge make you feel good Timmy, yessss, make you feel all nice and relaxed!

I couldn't take any more and my head was in a whirl. She cleaned me off with the bath towel then instead of taking me out of all the clothes she tucked me tightly back into the satin panties then pulled them up tight until I looked like a girl! She then pulled up the satiny bloomers then dropped the slips and all the nightgowns and robes back down with a swish.

She then wiped off all my makeup! But she wasn't done with me yet! Madge took off all the covers off of her bed and soon had me laying in the middle of it propped up by several of her satin pillows. Using several pairs of nylons she had tied my wrists tightly to the ends of the large headboard and as I struggled on the satin sheets still in all that slippery lingerie!

She took off my high heels then tied my ankles tightly together then ran the stocking down and looped a knot through the bed frame. She gave a pull that cinched the stocking tight making my legs taut and as immobile as my arms! My penis ached and my balls still throbbed at the working over I had received from Madge.

I watched as she continued. She then fluffed out all my slips and gowns then started putting the satin top sheet back on the bed and tucked it in. She then added a pink blanket and finished with the shiny pink satin comforter that whistled and zipped as she pulled it up and tucked me into the bed. Nice and still now!

She then turned and minced on her heels back toward the dresser. I watched her move in the tight skirt, her hips wiggling, her bust jiggling as I could hear her nyloned thighs zipping as they rubbed together. She grabbed yet more lingerie and more of the sheer nylon stockings then returned and sat on the bed in front of me.

She set the things in her lap then took a sheer beige colored nylon stocking and began rolling it up. She then pulled it wide and reached over and swished it over my head! She pulled until she had much of the material gathered at my forehead! She then took a pair of blue nylon panties and wadded them up. She then took a pair of white nylon panties and filled my other cheek then took the last pair of the soft white nylon panties and worked them into the center of my mouth until it was brimming with the lace trimmed nylon.

She then quickly pulled the stocking down and over my mouth before I could push out the panties! She continued smoothing and pulling the filmy material until It was gleaming and tight over my head with the stocking welt now coming down the length of my neck! I gasped and struggled in surprise as she giggled then started rolling up another of the sheer nylon stockings. You will be spending the night in my pretty bedroom under those pretty, shiny satin sheets and all those layers of lovely nylon, isn't that exciting?

I squirmed as I fought against my bonds and tried to steer my head away but with one nylon already in place the second one was much easier to get on. I could hear the zip and feel the pressure on my head as she pulled the stocking quickly down with a swish and made sure the gleaming fabric was wrinkle free as it stretched taut across my face. For that we'll just have to add another couple of stockings then maybe you'll calm down you naughty little boy!

With each layer it got harder to see! The gleaming, taut nylon stretched tightly across my face as she swished the stockings down tightly and made sure they wouldn't come off. I noticed in her vanity mirror as she worked me over that my head now looked like a round beige knob! She then took another stocking and put it around my head.

I felt her lean in and start tying it in back and then felt the fabric push into my cheeks and force the panties even tighter into my mouth as the tight nylon pushed between my lips! She cinched it down then tied it tightly in back. She took one more stocking and as my nyloned knob of a head bobbed and I "mmmmphed" into the gag she tied the last stocking off the same way as well.

After getting up she tucked me in once again. She wasn't going to make me dress like a girl for the rest of the summer. She wasn't going to make me go outside dressed as a girl or make me go shopping for dresses either like she had threatened. She just wanted to see me squirm. I am sure she didn't want anyone to know that her nephew Timmy was really a sissy.

But she had been very convincing and I knew this, what was happening now, was my punishment and it had been a severe one! For the rest of the summer now I knew that I wouldn't go anywhere near aunt Madge's things! I watched her smile at me silently. Then I realized she was now certain I would stay out of her things for good as well! But either way I wasn't going to test the theory and wind up shopping for dresses!

Then she continued. You do understand! That's so nice. You shouldn't go through your aunt Madge's lingerie drawers or closet anymore either! Because if you can't stop your sissy compulsion then I guess that aunt Madge will have to help you once again just like we did today and work all of that bad, boy energy out of you and then put you to bed to think everything over once again!

Isn't that right Timmy? She pulled the satin drapes closed then returned and kissed me on the cheek as she held my face gently. Such a darling boy. I laid back in the darkness. I could smell the perfume and hear the rustle of the satin sheets against all my nightgowns and the heavy satin comforter as I moved. My nyloned knob of a head slipped and swished against the satin pillowcases of the pillows as I grunted, struggling to get loose but it was hopeless.

I struggled a bit more but could only twitch and "mmmmph" and had to finally calm down because being dressed in the slips and so many gowns and being under all the heavy satin covers that were tucked tightly around me any further struggle would only serve to make me unbearably hot!

I laid back and tried to relax but it looked like it was going to be a long night. I heard the rustle of the satin drapes as they were pulled open and the room filled with the morning light. I heard Madge's mincing steps, her nylons swishing under her tight skirt as she moved around the foot of the bed and went to the other window. I was just waking up and then realized I was still in her bed, still tied securely as she opened the other drapes with a swish to further lighten the room.

She seemed matter-of-fact, like nothing was out of the ordinary as she moved around the bed once again humming a lilting tune in her feminine tone as she came over and sat on the edge of the bed in front of me. I could only "mmffffhh" through my panty gagged mouth as I looked on through the glossy sheen of the nylon hose pulled tightly over my face and head.

Madge giggled "Oh really? Aren't we just so talkative this morning" as she leaned across me and untied my left wrist from the bedpost, her large, pendulous breasts jiggling and rubbing against me as she leaned over. I glubbed and "mmmffed" a response as I looked at her, my nylon encased head bobbing in understanding.

She undid the stockings that were gagging me and keeping the panties firmly in my mouth. I did relax my arms but didn't move as she began taking the stockings off of my head, then took the panties out of my mouth. I was feeling my sore wrists and working my sore jaws as she pulled down the covers on the bed and untied my ankles, then removed the stocking from the bed frame.

She came around and got a good look at me squirming on the satin sheets in the cloud of nylon chiffon of all those nightgowns as I sat up and swished my nyloned legs over the edge of the bed. Once the lingerie was piled high on the bed and I was totally naked once again I was given my orders by my auntie, orders that seemed nothing out of the ordinary, like nothing ever happened.

I could feel my face flush red with embarrassment but I did exactly as I was told. I listened for a moment as she straightened her room and could hear her giggling with satisfaction! I took my shower and it felt good as the hot water soaked the soreness out of my muscles from being tied to the bed all night. The soap washed away the perfumed fragrance of all of Madge's lingerie as well.

I dried off then returned to my room and got ready for breakfast. It felt good to be back in my blue jeans, shirt and tennis shoes. I was setting the table as Madge returned. I took my seat as she entered and tied a feminine apron around her waist and began cooking breakfast. I could smell her perfume and hear her nylons wisp under her tight satin lined wool skirt as she moved about mincing and clicking on her high heels!

I noticed her breasts jiggling under her satin blouse and the "tinkly" sound her jewelry made as she moved. But then I began to remember the night before and earlier in that evening, my being discovered wearing her lingerie and then being forced to endure my punishment by being given a feminine overdose.

I turned back to the table and waited for breakfast. Madge looked at me like nothing was out of the ordinary, or nothing had happened. If that had been the case it would have been like before, but now it wasn't. She had forcibly dressed me in her lingerie and humiliated me like a little "sissy boy" in front of her mirror all the while making me watch as she held me, then jerked my pathetic little hard on and then giggled at the little twitching "boy" spurts as I came.

It was embarrassing and I could hardly look at her but now, it seemed as if everything had been forgotten. With my punishment now complete, things would return to as they had been. However, I now had those memories seared into my mind! I finished breakfast then decided to take a walk to the park to get some fresh air. I thought about a lot of things on the way to the park.

I still had nearly the whole summer to spend with aunt Madge and with nowhere else to go I decided to get my act together and then try to forget about everything that had happened. Supper went well that night with the usual small talk then afterwards we both watched a few television shows until bed time. The days started passing by and then a couple weeks.

It was nice to see everything back to the way it was and Madge never mentioned or even hinted about the little punishment episode with me. That was a relief at least, and, I was always on my best manners and behavior and did what I was told. I was the perfect houseguest because knowing my auntie now, and how severe things could become if she was displeased, I didn't want to risk further punishment!

I went back to doing a bit of cleaning and yard work for Madge like I had done all along and the small talk between us continued. Between the times I wasn't watching a show or a movie or out riding my bike somewhere or when Madge wasn't baking something or attending a ladies meeting somewhere we would usually talk about all sorts of things. She would ask if I was getting excited about school, about girlfriends and the like.

But I never liked school much and didn't have a girlfriend. She thought it a bit strange I guess but I told her I didn't have any guy friends either, not really, a few back home, but we just hung out. A pretty boring conversation really. The next Saturday it was business as usual. While Madge went to the beauty parlor for her weekly hair-set and manicure It was my job to vacuum and dust the house.

After doing the breakfast dishes I watched Madge gather her purse and coat and as she left I continued my work. I watched her drive out of the garage, down the drive and then down the street. I got busy and started, because I knew I had only a couple hours to get things done and knew how much Madge appreciated a clean house when she got home.

It usually meant a few dollars extra for me to go downtown and see a movie or head for the toy store or the magazine rack to look at the science fiction comics and then she'd even get us a big pizza or something just as good for supper. It was a weekly routine I liked. I worked quickly and everything was going along just fine until I came to Madge's bedroom once again.

I quickly vacuumed the room remembering what had happened in here just a couple weeks ago as I noticed the large, full length mirror in it's wooden frame sitting in the corner. I noticed the large queen-sized bed with the satin comforter too then quickly finished and after that vacuumed the hallway and finished with my room.

It had been easy for the most part, but now, as I moved through the house cleaning and ended up back in Madge's bedroom with the dust cloth, I began thinking once again. I began dusting the chairs and the bed posts and headboard then moved to the large white dresser.

I began dusting the top and paused. The room was silent. I felt my heart start to pound and my throat tighten as I thought about looking through the dresser drawers again! I looked at the clock to see that Madge would still be gone for at least another hour. I started dusting, but within moments there I was, standing motionless at the dresser once again.

I opened the top drawer and could instantly smell Madge's perfume. The piles of lacy, frilly lingerie gleamed in the light! A dozen pairs of her sheer nylon hose were all carefully folded in their little lingerie compartments, shining, waiting for their next use. I noticed the garter belts and the brassieres, I ran my hands over the cool slipperiness of the panties, the lacy nylon full slips and camisoles and felt the tight Lycra spandex of the panty-girdles as I marveled in a trance-like state.

Then the thought of my punishment returned! I could feel Madge's tight embrace as she held me, fluffing those slips and nightgowns up, holding my panties and bloomers down as my gartered, nyloned legs trembled on the stiletto heels as she worked me! I could hear her giggles, see her determined, smile and remembered her wild-eyed look as she took an almost sadistic pleasure in my punishment.

I quickly closed the drawer finished dusting and then just as quickly left the room! My head was filled with all sorts of thoughts the whole next week but things went about routinely. But soon it was Saturday once again! I went through my chores as I always did, but once again I paused while dusting as I found myself again at the large white dresser in Madge's room.

My breath was short and my hands trembled as I opened the top dresser drawer once again. It was intoxicating! I studied the neat rows and folded piles of Madge's lingerie as I smelled her feminine perfume. My mind seemed to go into a whirl for a moment. I closed the dresser drawer then quickly went to my room. Madge made dinner that night as I set the table and looked through a couple of magazines.

We talked about how the day went and she mentioned how pleased she was at how nice I was doing my chores and in keeping the house clean. I thought it was nice of her, but now, like always, I could only study the sexually exciting auntie Madge and how she moved around the kitchen.

I noticed she had on a silky dress tonight. It was amazing to watch it swish and flutter as she moved. And she always wore those slippery, shiny stockings that teased me so and those ever present high heels that clicked across the floor as she minced along, her silken hips wiggling with each step. She joined me on the couch after supper while I had tuned in a movie.

She sat next to me, I heard the swish of her nylons as she crossed her legs and then smoothed her dress. She then hugged me telling me how much she enjoyed my company for the summer and said she would hate to see it end in the fall! A bit of polite talk continued during the commercials and for a while after the movie, but soon it was getting late.

I said goodnight and then with that it was off to my room to get some sleep. I felt weak as I entered my bedroom. I closed and then locked the door then started undressing for bed. I took off my shoes and socks, my shirt, my T-shirt and then undid the belt on my blue jeans. I took them off and then looked in the mirror. I was very excited, but felt a bit sickened to see myself wearing the lace trimmed, black satin camisole, the matching tap pants and the shiny, slippery taupe colored hose that were tightly gartered to one of Madge's garter belts!

I quickly took the lingerie off then changed into my pyjamas. I pulled down the covers on the bed and after carefully folding all the lingerie I put it between the mattress and box spring! I laid down exhausted and tried to sleep. How stupid I had been! I should have just dusted Madge's bedroom quicker I thought or even avoided that room all together, at least for a while.

But I hadn't! And even with those memories of my punishment still fresh in my mind I was back at it once again! I could have been caught just like before. When Madge hugged me I was lucky she didn't feel the nylon of that camisole sliding under my shirt! I had tucked my shirt in, but left it lose this time to not show any straps by accident and had buckled my belt tightly as well to keep everything in place.

I'd been lucky! But I tried to relax my thoughts by telling myself it could still work. I could have my fun and if I was careful this time, much more careful, Madge would never know! I wouldn't be able to try on any of her dresses or those nice high heels of hers and no makeup either but I could quietly enjoy her lingerie.

And after all, once the summer was over everything would get back to normal and no one would be the wiser. I had gotten a break that helped in my decision. In addition to my Saturday routine she had me helping with the wash now too. Madge had taught me how to wash clothes and what went where and how to wash all the different fabrics with different wash cycles and how to use different soaps.

Blue jeans were separate, just a scoop of Tide, while whites were separate, washed on hot and with the same soap. I was a bit nervous in washing her lingerie though. She showed me how to set the washer to the delicate cycle then showed me the proper wash temperature and amount of Woolite to add and how to hand wash her nylon stockings and then hang them on the drying rod in the basement!

It was a bit embarrassing with her standing over my shoulder as she watched me wash her lingerie in the wash basin but added that I was getting to be quite the little helper, secure in the knowledge that this was most likely as close as I would ever get to her things ever again!

I often heard her stifle a giggle when ever she would watch me handle her things, but little did she know. Now I could borrow her lingerie and then wash it out and mix it in with all her other things and finally put them in the laundry basket when they were clean and dry. She then would take the basket up to her room to fold and then return everything to her dresser drawers.

I remember her giggling when she asked me If I wanted that chore as well. I couldn't help feeling she was toying with me, but we both remembered my "punishment" and it was simply left as such, just a memory and an understanding. Little did she know that while she watched me wash her nylon stockings in the sink I was wearing a pair of the same kind under my blue jeans firmly attached to another of her garter belts under a pair of her lace trimmed satin panties!

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Madge went to the bed and gathered the corset and returned to me as I stood there in my brassiere, my garter belt with the white glossy nylons and the pretty white satin panties I was now tightly tucked into that she had used on me before. I can't go in there. I went straight to my bedroom to grab my clothes and get out of there anyway I could but noticed something different now, and how things had changed! I listened for a moment as she straightened her room and could hear her giggling with satisfaction! As I hung there I felt Madge put the corset around my waist! I began dusting the top and paused.

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  • Madge made dinner that night as I set the table and looked through a couple of magazines.

The satin gown swished as my thighs trembled and I gasped and "glubbed" helplessly into the gag! And I'm not exactly the kind of girl who is built to go braless in polite company. She felt my tight, corseted waist and marveled at my new feminine shape. I felt Madge and then Ruth relax their grip on me. I jerked and twitched struggling further but Madge fixed that by easily pulling me around on the couch and putting me into a scissor lock!

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