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Few guys were watching, jacking off and shooting their juice in the floor. Directions here are pretty straightforward making it easy to find. Wheelchair Accessible: Next time after that it was dead but I did get my nipples licked while I jerked off. Close to 40 minutes from Fiesta to Sunland Park but took my chances. Today was very special as one Mexican perfectly shaped cock came into my hole, then came in my mouth in 5 minutes.

Texas High definition televisions for your sports view…. My family and I came around in afternoon to play bowling we literally sat there numerous times for almost 2 hours back and forth while the mecha…. I was told that it was not open to the public today and it actually was. The people at the place were you pay to go in told me it was closed to the ….

Try our mouth-watering, che…. Deco Ivory Event Services is amazing at what they do. I've had the honor to have them for my daughters birthday parties for the past few years. The …. We provide the best music using touchtunes and ami enter…. I had a great experience here. It was great due to the amazing customer service.

Stephanie from admissions stood out the most because she had the mo…. Western Playland Amusement Park 3. He left and came back in about ten minutes. One of the guys in the theater, a rancher type that was observing and jacking off went into his knees as soon the Latino sat down and gave him a second blow job.

Would say a good fifteen minutes sucking that meat when he started gagging and spitting a load in the floor. Man, hot hot hot. Thirty or so minutes later a GI looking jarhead blonde came in. He pulled out a small cute dick so I was on my knees giving him head when the Latino took his dick and as I sucked the jarhead, he fucked him.

It felt so good helping him directing his dick up the ass of that guy. The jarhead actually spread so could get in all the way to the balls. I came on the floor, I swallowed the jarhead and the other guy unloaded again. That the kind of man I love. Viva El Paso! Trucker Wyoming Report. The place is always good to me. I pay full price so I use the arcade and the theater.

It's seven bucks. Front parking is a real convenience for my wheeler so I always pay a visit on my way through ELP. I am in my 50's so not into the young crowd, prefer ranchers, and this is always a place to find a nice New Mexican one. Last night around 4 am the arcade was quite empty. I love getting my dick sucked through the gloryhole.

I was jerking off inside the booth when someone made me a sign that he wanted to suck my cock through the hole. I gave him my soft dick to suck on it. Then suddenly I heard a knock on my door and it happened to be a nice Mexican cowboy probably 30 to 35 with a terrific hat, buckle, and boots. He just stared at my erect dick and came down to his knees and started giving me a good sloppy blowjob.

I am cut but he was very tight uncut, and as he played with himself nice smelly cream was oozing out. The other guy was asking me in Spanish to cum in his mouth. I did it when I was ready to shoot so the cocksucker on the other side of the gloryhole took my cream as the cocksucker in my booth came on the floor.

I loved it. Finally went to the theater and edged for about an hour as an older guy sucked few other gentlemen. I agree the attendants are not rude but very rude. So just keep putting some bucks in the arcade and you'll do well. Just noted there's also action at the parking lot. When I was going home a PRican-looking guy was fucking an ass on the side of his car.

He asked me to join but the ass was college-type boy, not my type. But I let the Rican suck my tits. Califapal Report. Attendants are very rude. The arcade is a nursing home and the cinema is not the best to find cocksuckers. Sorry, not used to wait hours to get head. Jan 18, Total Listings: Posted Jul 22 Spent an hour here back on January 2nd.

Directions here are pretty straightforward making it easy to find. The lot is a bit cramped, but it's OK. The worker at the time was friendly. I paid for the theater and made my way in. After a bit of figuring out what guys were up to I found a spot on the back bench and pulled out my cock. I'm never shy when I go to these places.

Within minutes I had guys jacking off around me and I was sucking my first cock. Had nothing but fun and within the hour I was drained and helped drain a few cocks too. Will definitely be stopping in on my next visit. I love Fiesta, but this one being on my way home made getting off very convenient.

El pito loco Report. Posted Jul 20 Mexican trucker here. Always had enjoyed this place. I guess I always go around 2 am. Saturday I paid a visit coming from New Mexico but it was 5 pm. The attendant was so rude. First told me I needed to have exact change to get in. So I went back to my truck that was parked on Emory St.

He was asking people to keep going from the theater to the arcade. Hello, that is the purpose of paying the extra two bucks to have access to the arcade. Short story in less than 1 hour all patrons decided to leave. We ended up, a nice white cutie in his early twenties and me. The cutie was a terrible cocksucker and when I tried to fucked his ass he said was too thick and left after cleaning his ass with some tissue so I ended with the place just for me.

I also left. The other attendant always says thank you, this one said nada. Fred Report. Posted Mar 20 Busy as hell. With the opening of a Walmart just across from the Arcade, there is so much traffic at the arcade and the inside cinema. Be ready with just at least a month's worth of cum.

I did stop for a quick check and the back parking was full. The front parking was almost full. Got a terrific blow job by a nice Hispanic guy at the arcade then came not once — but twice — at the cinema. Ended by fucking a nice lubed ass for the grand finale. Not bad for the last Sunday of winter. Posted Oct 20 First time in El Paso.

I checked the place around 2 am. Got in and pulled my nine inches fat uncut trucker dick for all to see. In less than a minute at the movie theatre I had one of the best cocksuckers I ever had. Few guys were watching, jacking off and shooting their juice in the floor. One came and said nice show you guys gave us.

Thank you. After that I stayed for a while. Ended fucking a tight Mexican ass as he sucked few guys. I do give this place a triple diamond score. Aug 03, Total Listings: Posted Aug 10 If you just want to give or get head at a gloryhole, you pay the two dollars to access the video booths.

Just make sure if you enter one of the booths, you put money in. Management frowns on people looking for free head. Put money in the booth and they leave you alone. There's dick most times of the day. I don't know how nights are, but I can guess they stay busy. If you want something more, there's a movie theatre with comfy seats. I've only gone inside once, but I often see the lot filled with cars but no one in the store or arcade which means they are in the theatre.

Theatre costs five dollars. Posted Jul 24 Too expensive for so little action. I was getting head at a gloryhole and I was told by the attendant to get out via speakers. The entire place knew I was getting head. Bad attitude. I'd rather go to the Fiesta. FurryBubba Report. Posted Jan 30 Full details: Hours 6 am - 5 am.

Thanks for providing the full address and details! I'm always grateful to cruisers who help this site be more accurate. Jim Report. Posted Dec 30 They need to show far more gay movies in the theatre. They would get a lot more customers. The action is hot, sucking, fucking in groups. I like to get completely naked and would really like to get fucked while being watching by others.

Again, please show more gay sex movies. Eric Report. Posted Jun 29 I have decided not go to this place anymore. The attendants are so rude. So keep wasting 7 dollars for nada. Gio Report. Posted Apr 30 Hot guys. Yesterday I got there and in less than five minutes a nice rancher was on my dick and my balls.

No push, he just went straight to my little dick. Carlos Report. Posted Feb 16 I love this place. Plenty of action on the theatre. I have played with couples and single males. I have seen everything at this place, orgies, threesomes, big dicks, small dicks.

Two rules of thumb, always wear condoms and be patient and you will find what you are looking for. One more time, great place! Hector Report. Posted Nov 16 First time at this place. Went here around 4: Around 5: As a truck driver I enjoy head. The place is clean and in an excellent location just off I May 01, Total Listings: Posted Mar 18 It was amazing as he is the first person to deep throat me.

Of note this was also my first time trying this and having a guy suck my dick. Awesome experience. Posted Dec 22 I have loved this place for over 6 years, the cocks come in all shapes and sizes. Today was very special as one Mexican perfectly shaped cock came into my hole, then came in my mouth in 5 minutes. Then a very friendly gentleman who was chatty outside the booth came next through the hole and proceeded to feed over 10 inches of uncut heaven through.

I lost control and ended almost fainting from the sheer size and heat off this tool. Thank you whoever you were. Thank you! AllAboutPleasing Report. Posted Dec 16 Okay, so the clerk with a pony tail, looks really like white trash, is a douche bag and the owners should consider firing him.

I will not go back. He harasses everyone and makes us feel like criminals for going there. Curious Report. Gay Travel Guide. Login Sign Up. Follow Us: Who's Coming Older, younger, chicano, gringo, blue collar, professional, seems like someone for everyone. Take Sunland Park exit from I west of downtown, go south. Cross street: Doniphan Hours:

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Take Sunland Park exit from I west of downtown, go south. Cum is cum, I guess. Similar Listings:

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