Mud Racing At El Paso Speedway Forums

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Rose Bowl Speedway Location: Tyler, TX Description: Lone Star Speedway Location: Midway, UT 08 Jun. Glen Mills, PA 08 Jun. Cowtown Speedway Location: I have had other people complain about the modified class and wanted no shock restrictions.

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Bells, TX Description: Gulf Coast Karters Location: Katy, TX Description: Gulf Coast Speedway Location: Alvin Angelton , TX Description: Heart O' Texas Speedway Location: Elm Mott, TX Description: Hill Country Kart Club Location: New Braunfels, TX Description: Houston Motorsports Park Location: Houston, TX Description: I Speedwayl Location: Tyler, TX Description: I Speedway fka I Raceway Location: Pleasanton, TX Description: KAM Kartway Location: Rhome, TX Description: Kennedale Speedway Park Location: Kennedale, TX Description: Temple, TX Description: Lone Star Speedway Location: Kilgore, TX Description: Lonestar Motorsports Park Location: Sealy, TX Description: Lubbock Dragway Location: Lubbock, TX Description: Motor Sports Ranch - Houston Location: Angleton, TX Description: Navasota Raceway Location: Navasota, TX Description: North Star Dragway Location: Denton, TX Description: Paris Dragstrip Location: Paris, TX Description: Paris Motor Speedway Location: Pine Valley Raceway Park Location: Lufkin, TX Description: Red River Speedway Location: Wichita Falls, TX Description: Redline Raceway Location: Rose Bowl Speedway Location: Winona, TX Description: Route 66 Motor Speedway Location: Baytown, TX Description: Crandall, TX Description: San Antonio Raceway Location: San Angelo, TX Description: Slaton Speedway Location: Slaton, TX Description: South Texas Speedway Location: Speedbowl Valley Raceway Location: Superbowl Speedway Location: Greenville, TX Description: Texana Raceway Location: Edna, TX Description: Texas Motor Speedway Location: Fort Worth, TX Description: Texas Motorplex Location: Texas Raceway Location: Texas World Speedway Location: College Station, TX Description: Texoma Location: Whether you are looking to jump into this muddy world for the first time or want to advance your existing knowledge there is a book for you.

User-generated reviews of thousands of obstacle course races and mud runs worldwide. Search, view, and add your own! Our Mud Run Crew takes on the dirty job of running events all over the place, then reporting back the good, bad, and muddy details to help you choose the right race for you!

The 5K Foam Fest Average rating: Frontline OCR Average rating: All the news from around the world of OCR! The Mud Run Guide Crew covers the sport from every angle: Warrior Dash is the series that started it all for many OCR athletes. Fear and worry seem to be one of the biggest reasons people are hesitant to sign up for an OCR. When I asked what they feared the most, it seemed pretty consistent: Worry about being able to do the obstacles, how long the race would take, would they even be able to finish or keep up with friends who had run before.

Would people laugh at them when they failed an obstacle or had to walk? What if you need help over the starting wall? Brett shares some insight into planning runs around flights and long drives and his goals for keeping the streak alive while traveling miles from home. Have you heard fitness fanatics claiming that disciplined training and no rest days will lead to physical greatness?

You might want to think twice. OCR experts weigh in on rest and recovery. Frontline OCR was created to honor those that are currently serving and have served our beloved country. Their races also give civilians a chance to have a "Boot Camp" experience of their own.

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No, create an account now. PM me if interested in racing. Caprock Motorplex Location: I just read through the rules. I Speedway fka I Raceway Location: The following race tracks in Texas were found. I am doing this on a voluntary basis since I can't find anyone who has put on one of these types of events.

Tuff Truck Racing - Calhan CO July 22:

Witchita Falls, TX Description: I did not pay that for them No fuel cell for the for the open class. Superbowl Speedway Location: Navasota Raceway Location: I am doing this on a voluntary basis since I can't find anyone who has put on one of these types of events. Elm Mott, TX Description: Spectators fees are still up in the air.

Would people laugh at them when they failed an obstacle or had to walk? The 5K Foam Fest Average rating:

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