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This puts Shepard and Ashley in conflict, and she must be convinced of the truth. Her platoon had logged unanimous positive feedback on her leadership in a recent fitness review cycle, and fellow soldier Private Nirali Bhatia praised her focus on team-building exercises and "tough but fair" discipline. Feel free to reach to let us know if you have any comments or questions. Ashley grabs Shepard and tells him she doesn't want him to go and that she loves him. Anal Hentai Lesbian.

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Ashley held out hope that maybe she and Donkey will get lucky one day, and continued the march ahead. Intercepted transmissions later indicated that the other squads Able and Charlie were under attack from an unknown enemy. Because of the situation change and the need for a real leader, Sergeant Donkey relinquished leadership of Dog Squad to Ashley. Ashley stirred up the group's fighting spirit and encouraged them to double-time it to the dig site.

Dog Squad surveyed the dig site at dawn, and surmised the enemy attackers were geth. They were unfortunately spotted by recon drones and fired upon. Ashley attempted to execute the squad's battle plan: Ashley would not take defeat lying down, and successfully fought her way out of her surrounded position. She played cat and mouse with the geth until they found her again, and just when she was sure she was dead she got lucky: Commander Shepard and Kaidan Alenko arrived to her rescue.

Ashley was approached on the Citadel by an Alliance psychologist named Captain Channing a day after the geth attack, who coaxed her to talk about the events on Eden Prime. Initially wary of the psychologist, Ashley warmed up a little when the introspective moment allowed her to think about what Donkey once said: While off duty, Ashley spends her time in the Normandy's storage section, cleaning rifles.

Upon interaction, she will give feedback on recent missions, or the latest shipboard gossip before anyone else. Ashley is interested in Shepard's background. She is amazed that she and Shepard went to the same training facility and even reminisces about getting yelled at by Gunnery Chief Ellison. Later, it was revealed that her grandfather was General Williams , who surrendered the garrison at Shanxi to the turians during the First Contact War , thus becoming the first human to surrender to an alien force.

Her superiors' prejudice against her family meant she had mostly been stuck on groundside garrison posts — preventing her from gaining actual combat experience — despite her exemplary technical scores. Possibly due to the discrimination she experienced, Ashley asserts that a Williams has to be better than the best, to make up for Shanxi, making her dedicated to her job, but also prickly, blunt and quick-tempered.

Ashley has strong religious beliefs but is hesitant to discuss it with Shepard because she's concerned of the uneasiness it may cause in others. Her faith is strengthened by her work in space — "How can you look out at this galaxy and not believe in something? She still remembers his favorite poem, Tennyson's Ulysses , by heart. When Shepard jokingly states that Ashley is the last person the Commander would expect to hear quoting classical literature, Ashley indignantly replies that just because she can make headshots from a hundred meters doesn't mean she can't like sensitive stuff, though she does request Shepard not to spread it around.

Though she is tough and aggressive, Ashley does have a compassionate side: Due to her family history, groundside assignments, and lack of experience in working with other races, she tends to be distrustful of aliens. Ashley doesn't trust the Citadel Council and believes humanity can't rely on them staying allies.

She questions the wisdom of allowing aliens to wander around the Normandy freely, and dismisses the Prothean Cipher as "some asari mumbo jumbo", believing the Commander has suffered needlessly to get it.

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However, Ashley acknowledges that Shepard is in command and the presence of aliens on the Normandy is not her decision.

At the operation on Virmire , Shepard can choose to save Ashley's life, but at the cost of losing Kaidan. During the debriefing, Ashley gets angry at Shepard's decision, saying Kaidan was a superior officer and she should have been the one left behind. However, Shepard responds by asking how far Ashley is willing to go in order to clear her grandfather's name.

Ashley does have qualms about facing the Reapers , claiming she's infantry and will have no place in the upcoming battles but Shepard assures her that she's needed. A male Shepard and Ashley can build a rapport after Eden Prime that gradually grows into a romantic interest. Though Ashley is receptive, she's also not shy about needling Shepard on his attraction to a soldier under his command.

Ashley claims she isn't one for words, but her interest in poetry helps her to say what she feels. When the Normandy is grounded by the Council, Ashley persuades Shepard not to give in and nearly share a kiss before being interrupted by Joker. En route to Ilos, Ashley comes to Shepard's quarters, saying that, after a long career of being sidelined by the Alliance, Shepard helps her to feel "good enough", and the two spend the night together.

Ashley continues to tease Shepard; she claims to have something important to tell him, but if he wants to hear it, he'll have to survive Ilos and come back to her first. Ashley Williams ashley. June 17, Sarah Williams randori-girl ward Hey sis James left today. Lucky bastard. It's like the ancient west out there — pirates and slavers coming out of the Terminus Systems all the time.

He gets to play the cavalry, riding out in frigates any time someone's house gets burned down. I made some speech about how he was a valuable asset to the squad and he better make us look good out there, blah blah. I suck at speeches. I was cribbing from something I read back in history class.

I don't think anyone noticed. I'm going to miss him. Don't tell anyone. So you think James is cute, eh? Yeah, well, when you said I should "go for him" — not gonna happen, kiddo. See, we have rules about "fraternization". You don't do The Deed with your fellow troops, especially if they're under you in rank.

There's all sorts of problems that can happen when two people in the same unit get together. Let's say your unit is in a tight spot. Some bug-eyed aliens are going to overrun the galaxy. They eat babies, smell bad, and don't have elbows. You're told to guard the rear. To let everyone else escape, someone is ordered "hold this spot until we're gone. You think it's going to be someone you're sleeping with?

I've served with these guys for eight months now. Yeah, some of them make me feel tingly and yeah, James was kinda scruffy-cute. I hope I never have to decide who lives and who dies. But if I have to, my decision can't be muddled up by magic-sparkly-hearts-and-stars feelings. Anyways, I'm gonna knock off here. I've got dog watch in a few hours. Want to get a shower and a meal before then.

Talk to you tomorrow. It has been censored at transmission source for security purposes. Any reply may be read by military authorities. However, after a string of Alliance colonies had been abducted, it was believed that Cerberus was involved in these actions. Ashley Williams was even informed of reports indicating that Commander Shepard was alive and working for Cerberus.

Thus, she was dispatched to the Horizon colony in order to update its defenses to prepare it for an expected Cerberus assault. However, that proved not to be the case as the planet suffered an onslaught from the Collectors while the defense grid was still non-operational.

During the assault, Ashley is attacked and paralyzed by a seeker swarm , but is found after the Collectors leave Horizon. Though she is glad to be reunited with Shepard, she is not very fond of the idea of Shepard working for Cerberus, feeling that the Commander may feel indebted to the pro-human organization for being resurrected. Ashley then leaves and tells Shepard to be careful.

If Garrus is with Shepard on Horizon, Ashley will also be surprised that Garrus is working with Cerberus and Garrus will attempt to reason with Ashley claiming her feelings towards Cerberus are blinding her to see the truth behind the attacks. Hey there. Shepard, I'm sorry for what I said back on Horizon. When I lost you two years ago, it tore me up. I prayed for you every day.

I read a lot of Tennyson, thinking about you, just like I did when my dad passed. And then you came back, and it was like my prayers were answered. But I'm not who I was then, and neither are you. I don't know what's true anymore. Part of me can't believe it's really you. I keep going back to that night before Ilos, our night I haven't let myself think about those memories for more than a year now.

I wouldn't have expected you to work for Cerberus, but I know why they sent you to Horizon. I saw how many people were lost there, and if anyone can stop the Collectors, you can. I can't go where you're going, but I can wish you luck. Just stay alive out there I don't know what the future holds, but I can't lose you a second time. On the other hand, if Williams died on Virmire, a news broadcast on the Citadel reports that Ashley Williams has been decorated for her service by both the salarian and turian governments, receiving the salarian Silver Dagger and turian Nova Cluster medals, becoming the first human to receive these awards and being quoted as saying "human or alien, we're all just animals".

While searching the wreck of the first Normandy, Shepard will briefly see Ashley in a flashback. Ashley still shows some mistrust towards Shepard after discovering a Cerberus presence on Mars, becoming more worried about the experiments performed on Shepard after discovering that Cerberus processed their own people. Near the end of the mission, after chasing down Dr. Eva , Ashley is critically injured after the Illusive Man orders Dr.

Eva to "finish her. While recovering, Udina offers her Spectre status. Shepard is able to speak to Ashley in the hospital after every major mission, where they can choose to be either friendly or hostile to her. Although Ashley admits that her doubts about Shepard are still present, she promises to work with them and trust them. She tells Shepard about the hard times her sister Sarah is going through as her husband, being a marine, was called back into action.

If the Commander asks her about her promotion to Lt. Commander, she remarks the old "Williams curse" must be losing its grip, to which Shepard replies that she'd earned it. When Cerberus invades the Citadel , Ashley is tasked to protect the Councilors but is unaware that Udina is working with Cerberus to take control of the Council.

This puts Shepard and Ashley in conflict, and she must be convinced of the truth. Depending on past interactions with her, Ashley can be talked down. If Shepard succeeds in talking Ashley down, she will turn her gun on Udina and order him to stand down. Udina will then raise a gun on the asari Councilor and if Shepard doesn't shoot Udina, Ashley will.

If Shepard cannot persuade Ashley to back off, then Shepard will be forced to kill Ashley. If not Shepard, a squad member will shoot her instead. Her name will appear on the memorial wall aboard the Normandy. If Ashley lives through the coup, she meets Shepard by the docks as the Commander is about to return to the Normandy, where she reflects on how they both almost killed each other doing what they believed to be right.

Ashley mentions that she was offered a place on Admiral Hackett 's team but that if she has any choice in the matter she would rather be on the Normandy. Shepard can either allow her back in or leave her behind to provide assistance in the war. If Shepard hasn't built a good enough relationship with Ashley, she will not offer to return to the Normandy; in this case, Shepard has to be very persuasive to convince Ashley to rejoin Shepard's squad.

If Ashley is assigned to Hackett's team instead of being allowed back onboard the Normandy, she sends Shepard an e-mail. Commander, Just wanted to pass along I'm settling into my new post with Admiral Hackett. It sounds like you're referring to the first; is Ash still unconscious?

More topics from this board Keep me logged in on this device. Forgot your username or password? Asterra Asterra 7 years ago 1 So I'm taking things very carefully in my playthrough, and noted that it would be a good idea to grab a copy of Tennyson before heading up to see Ashley. The "conversation" gave me two choices: Now, choice 1 seemed to me like a "romance" type of option, and I decidedly do NOT want that kind of relationship.

Yet when I picked 2, the book was not handed over. I assume I needed to pick 1. This concerns me, because I understand you need to do this bit successfully in order to further some later plot point along in the best fashion. If I pick the "thinking of you" option, is this in fact a romance option?

Do I have to romance Ashley if I want to have success with this Udina showdown thing? Asterra Asterra Topic Creator 7 years ago 2 Hmm. Swoopalz Swoopalz 7 years ago 5 If I recall correctly, you give the VS the gift during the second conversation. Asterra Asterra Topic Creator 7 years ago 7 Thanks, all.

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The Pornhub team is always updating and adding more porn videos every day. All crew romantic goodbyes for the last time they see Shepard feat. If I recall correctly, you give the VS the gift during the second conversation. Checking in From: Happy belated Valentines!

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