How To Make Yourself Squirt With Your Fingers

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Reply Alex Sep 8, Reply Wetty Nov 14, 8: Sean P. Reply happy Dec 14, 9: I want to squirt so bad. Well, this one is an obvious point, but I have to say it just in case.

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If you find yourself becoming frustrated, stop. How to relax during sex: Free your mind and enjoy your orgasms ]. Think of the roof of your mouth, it feels like that, only much softer and squishier. You need to be completely comfortable because you need an environment that allows you to relax and give you time to explore yourself.

So, whatever you need to make yourself comfortable, do it. Well, this one is an obvious point, but I have to say it just in case. You need to be sexually aroused in order to squirt. So, get yourself in the mood. Watch porn, read something erotic, use a sex toy, fantasize, touch yourself—whatever turns you on, do it.

There are so many different ways to touch yourself and make yourself squirt. The way that works for me may not work for you. Try various techniques until you find the one that works. Then again, you may not be able to squirt, but never mind, you never know until you try. You need to lie down on your back and have the palm of your hand facing your stomach with two fingers in your vagina.

Try using the middle and ring finger. Your pinky and index finger will be on both sides of the vagina pointing towards your ass. Then you simply find your G-Spot and massage it, your fingers will have a hook-like position. This is one of the best techniques to use for squirting.

With your middle finger, you run your finger back and forth across your G-Spot.

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This one is a bit complex, and you need some arm strength. It is the same for most women Sexual orientation does not effect ejaculation Read More. Squirt got its name because it squirts.

It is not to popular I believe, but it tends to squirt. You don't! You use the index and middle fingers to make the Cub Scout salute Read More. The vagina is cleaner then the mouth so yes if you want you can. First lay down and get comfy. This is one way. But there are lots of others. You can jerk off.

Buy toys. You have to experiment to see what feels right to you. There are about calories in a can of Squirt. You make a 4 with both your hands, then make your fingers a 90 degree angle to your palm, your fingers point to eachother. Wiggle your fingers and move your hands back and forth at the same time.

You pluck its strings with a pick or your fingers Read More. How can you make yourself squirt with fingers? Step One: Relax on your bed or the floor be sure to place a towel underneath you: P Step Two: Step Three: Step Four: Happy Squirting! How do you make yourself wet with just your fingers?

What is the best method of Fingering yourself? How can you make yourself through up without sticking your fingers down your throat? What is a good way to finger yourself? How do you pump yourself with your fingers? How do u finger yourself? How do you say I'm a retard in sign language? Can you get pregnat by fingering yourself? How can you make a lady squirt? How do you put your fingers in your thoroat?

If you finger yourself with 5 fingers are you still a virgin? How do you make the water jug squirt in office jerk? How do you make my partner squirt? How do you get your girl to squrit? Steps on how to finger yourself for the first time? Why doesn't your semen squirt? What to use to play with yourself without popping your cherry?

Thanks for the info! I will be doing this more often!! Oh… my… god…. Ive never felt anything like that before…. Playing with my clit and licking my juice off my fingers. My nipples are hard, want a girl to suck and bite them. Then slide 2 fingers in my pussy as I play with my clitty, frigging me hard and fast till I squirt. Need to cum now…. Ohhh my God, i need to come so badly now after reading that!!

I wish i had 2 pairs of hands, one to rub my tits which are standing up, and one to rub my wet cunt! Getting to it right away….. That was great! I did not squirt but I am determined to keep trying. Thank you! I was wondering though… Are you supposed to relex and just let it happen or in order to get a tense one are you supposed to try your longest to keep from orgasm until you spill over?

What is the best way? I am new to masterbating and am open to ideas! I always though I had a low sex drive and that I must be hard to please. I was so wrong. I met my partner in late and my world as changed forever. It was the most pleasurable experience ever. He is very attuned to the female body and my squirting turns him on so much. I could never do it to myself though.

Until recently. Pretty pleased with myself about it too. All women need to experience this heavenly sensation. All the comments are right it has to be fast and rough and both clit and g-spot stimulation. I am however having trouble peeing after…. It usually takes minutes for everything to calm back down. Thanks for the amazing tips, I had never squirted before and finally did!

Thanks a lot! Really helpful. I tried this but my hand kept getting tired. I never could squirt and I was determined to learn!!! So lay on the couch with ur head on the arm do ur up a lil angle. Legs spread open push ur feet all the way to ur ass cheeks! Take a gspot toy and dip it in done water and dip ur hand on water to get u real wet.

Thrust it up towards ur gspot. The sensation of ur hitting ur spot should be way more intense!! Keep going fastly where it feels good the most. I squirted 4 my first time ever. I dont know if i squirted cuz it didnt feel that orgasmic but i looked down and i saw spots on my sheets. Omg I just did this and I think it worked!!

Thank you sooo much, I will be doing this at least daily from now on!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you…. OMFG have not cum like that in ages! Think I might ask me fuck buddy to come around and give me a hand my arms get so shaky towards the end!! I just tried it. So i got my toy and my vibrator and with using my toy not hard but just moving with me and holding my vibrator on my clit i managed to do it i can say it didnt make me scream or whatever girls are yaying about but it did relieve my wants and needs so good luck.

Now i know what to do about it. I tried it and it felt dam good!! I squirted a whole litre! Well I managed to squirt a few years back once accidently and never have since after years of trying. There was lots of it! Then 10 mins later I did it again then an hour later again. I can now do it whenever I want. Its right when it says dont stop.

It starts to get sensitive and then even more and then suddenly you will get the feeling you need to wee although you are not about to wee then bare down slightly and you will squirt. Let it all go! You need to get fully aroused and this follows for me about 20 secs or so after orgasm if you keep rubbing you clitoris hard and fast! And providing your of age and have a partner they will love it!

Please never feel embarrassed about it! Hey Ann onymous, I have been researching this for a while and I just need some clarification from you, when you say to keep rubbing can you answer for me; I orgasm and as soon as the orgasm starts to fade off I stop rubbing, are you saying you have to keep rubbing 20 secs after each orgasm or should you keep contact for longer??

Im totally envious of you all!!!! I dont have any toys — i dont WANT any toys! The squirt just feels like its pee. They are going through but all comments have to be approved by the admin ie: This is to stop spammers. I did everything u said n I just squirted!!!!

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How To Make Yourself Squirt Video:

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  • Women don't tend to have outer orgasms, but some have been known to to squirt just like a man, but it takes an experienced lover to make a woman squirt.

How to Recognize the Traits of a Special Breed. And how can I let go if I know I can pee during arousal? Reply Natalie Aug 18, 9: I emptied my bladder 1 min before experimenting…5 mins later i was squirting. In rhythmic pattern… it helps.

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