Guide To Massage Parlors

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Leave a comment Comments And you can also have dinner inside too as most places have full kitchens and extensive menus of Thai, Chinese and Japanese dishes. And I like making these reviews. So just laugh it off. I hav never been to a massage parlor and Now want to go.

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Local Thais with a extra spending cash are the bulk of the industries customers. Just look at the cars in the parking lot and it makes sense that not all of them belong to tourists. The best days to visit are on weekends when the most girls show up for work, especially sideline girls who work at night to supplement their salary at a day time job. I also want to add that once you enter a massage parlor you are not obligated to choose a girl and head off to a room.

From my experience, most papasans and mamasans are not pushy sales people. They have enough customers to sustain a decent salary for themselves. However, it is possible to come across a pushy sales person and if that happens feel free to get up and go check out another establishment.

Spending most of your money at a soapy massage is one of the best way to stretch your budget. Because there is no need to pay for a short time room. No need to pay bar fines. No need to pay lady drinks or buy a drink for yourself. Soapies are a really fun experience when the right massage girl is chosen. Exit the station and follow signs to MRT Petchburi station. The ride from airport to Makkasan station is about 30 minutes.

The distance from all of the MRT stations near soapy massage parlors are minutes from each other. However, you may get stuck in traffic. Otherwise with no traffic you can get to Huay Kwang in 25 minutes by taxi. This is of course a personal choice.

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If you have the cash and feel generous, go ahead. If you feel the service was not up to par, then do not feel pressured to tip.

Personally, I only tip if the service I received is very good. The minimum I give is THB. Customers are not obligated to choose a girl. Or just check out the street side restaurants for quick cheap eats. But be prepared to bring a good Thai-English dictionary.

Bangkok is a super easy city for finding massage with happy endings. Many of these establishments are conveniently near the MRT subways stations. And all of these massage parlors are in busy areas. As you can see on the map below, some places are near big shopping centers and a short stroll from hotels. You can also take a taxi. About 5 years back I remember taxis used to get a commission for taking customers to certain establishments.

For example, if you want to go to Amsterdam Massage by taxi, just tell the driver you want to go to Grand Mercure Fortune Hotel. If you want to go to Nataree or Emmanuelle , just tell the driver you want to go to Emerald Hotel. Soapies do not charge bar fines. Alaina Massage — New massage parlor. Same owner as Nataree Massage but rooms are in much better condition.

However, Nataree still has the most ladies inside. And as of writing Emmanuelle is undergoing renovation. I will update as soon as possible. Ocean Massage Closed — Large sized soapy. Emmanuelle Massage — Large sized fishbowl with pretty girls. Nataree — Medium sized soapy but has a lot of sideliners. Posiedon Massage — Large sized soapy with fishbowls girls with prices starting at THB on 2nd floor.

Models are on the 3rd floor with prices starting at THB. Most open around 11pm and close 12am. Fewer ladies during the daytime with more massage girls coming in around 7pm. From my experience you can still find many girls starting around 5pm, particularly at Nataree and Amsterdam. I noticed weekends have the most sideline girls available. Most first time visitors to erotic body on body massage parlors might be shocked that the establishments are huge and look similar to some sort of high classed hotel or casino.

And you can also have dinner inside too as most places have full kitchens and extensive menus of Thai, Chinese and Japanese dishes. Hell, you can even order food up to your room with a lady. However, Nataree has the most sideline girls which means more chances of finding a pretty. Though the bedrooms inside are in dismal condition.

All of the establishments have the same setup. There are the fishbowl girls sitting behind a sectioned off room separated by a large panel of glass. Then there are the sideliners. These girls are sitting right in the open on couches and chairs. And there are many levels of sideliners.

To choose a girl you want to take to a room, signal a papasan. Every single girl working inside a soapy will have a colored badge with numbers. Most of the time you have to make an appointment to be with one because they are highly desirable amongst customers. There are other types and kinds of massage girls who provide different services.

Just to simplify everything, fishbowls girls are in a room behind a glass window and sideliners are girls outside of the fishbowl. And most of the prices are dictated by the girls age and looks. So you will find young, though less attractive girls priced higher than older attractive girls. There are instances when if the girl likes you, you can get 2 shots.

Love Teen Massage website Addresses: Mango Massage website Address: Mitu Massage website blog review Address: Sukhumvit Soi Orange Massage website Address: ORE 26 Massage website Address: Snow White Massage website Address: Teen Massage website Address: Thanks Massage website Address: Here is a list of hotels in the neighborhood of Phrom Phong. But I highly recommend going to massage shops directly so you can take a better look at the girls.

Nantra 39 Sukhumvit Hotel Average Rate: Aspira Grand Regency Average Rate: Suites 31 Sukhumvit Average Rate: Amora Neoluxe Average Rate: S31 Sukhumvit Hotel Average Rate: Holiday Inn Bangkok Average Rate: Emporium Suites Average Rate: So here are 3 reviews of my favorite massage shops with special massage services. These types of massage parlors provide traditional Thai, oil and Nuru gel massage techniques.

You can add to these services a hand job, blow job, testicle massage or the full package. You can only hope there are cute Thai massage girls available during the time of your visit. On this newly added section for I add oil massage shops along Sukhumvit Soi 22 providing happy ending massage services.

Even those these places offer a full service experience, certain shops provide blow jobs and hand jobs for 30 minutes at a discounted price. If you fancy something more kinky and erotic in Bangkok the massage shops in this area will satisfy you. A few of the massage shops mentioned below offer customers a quick 30 minute release for THB.

Quickie services are also widely provided from the oil massages in this area. Certainly a good deal for guys in a hurry to get back to their wives shopping at nearby Emporium Mall. Looking for milking massage tables? Getting stroked through a hole on a table by two ladies is highly recommended.

Head over to paradisemassage. From Phrom Phrong you can walk to Sukhumvit 22 in about 15 minutes also. Then walk over to Sukhumvit 22 and hit up one of the massage shops there for a second round. Sukhumvit 22 — Soi Hours: Honey Bee Massage website. Sukhumvit Soi 22 Hours: Exotic Massage website Address: Your masseuse will also run her hands lightly up and down your legs so you get a ticklish sensation all over your lower extremities.

This is also called a bottom massage in certain massage shops. Okay, so I tried this once, just for research purposes. To be honest, I did not enjoy it at all. On paper having a finger in your ass while getting jacked off results in a massive orgasm. You start off with a oil massage, which typically includes tantric style rub down just to get your juices flowing.

After 30 minutes or so of tantra massage fun the masseuse will slap on latex gloves and break out the lube which is liberally applied on her index finger. The most I heard was four finger insertion. There are some freaky people out there. I could only bear it for a minute because the whole time her finger was in my ass I had this constipated feeling.

I felt like I had to take a massive shit. And my dick was having none of it as it went limp the whole time. So prostate massages is not my thing. To each their own. Most of the shops along Sukhumvit 22 provide quickie services for a decent price. Check out their websites and explore the service menus. So staying at a hotel in this area and ordering up room service is easy.

But of course I always recommend going to the shop just so you can check out the girls instead of relying on photos. These hotels also have no problem if you bring bar girls to your room as long as you take 1 at a time your hotel room. So if you go out to Soi Cowboy or Nana you can take a bar girl back to your room conveniently. Because in this part of Sukhumvit 22 there is a beer bar or beer garden of sorts with Thai freelancers you can invite back to your room for extracurricular activities.

During a 1 hour oil massage which I normally choose on the menu. Today, practically all happy ending massage shops require customers pay price of massage plus the price of a hand job or blow job or full service before the Thai massage girl takes you to the room.

I typically visit one anytime between 5pm to 7pm. Because more girls, usually the more popular ones are there about that time. Depending on the shop there will be a mamasan or even one of the working girls assisting you. Then you are presented a menu with a list of services. There may be a few girls mulling around waiting for customers, chatting on their phones or watching TV.

I always recommend that you take a look at the available massage girls first, before you take a look at the massage service menu. They are not going to give you your money back. At any happy ending massage parlors you go to the massage girl will lead you to the room where you get down and dirty.

The rooms are usually small, except for the shops that double as spas. I usually sit down all balls spread out like I own the place. Just kidding. And take a seat on the bed. They leave the room for a little while to retrieve a basket with soap, condom, tissues and what not. Some take this time to use the toilet or have a cigarette before they work on your time.

Some ladies will soap up their bodies and rub up and down on you. Or give you a BJ right in the shower. In call service is the way to go. Out call service from a happy ending massage shop is a crap shoot. This is especially true if you have never seen the girl before. A lot of the oil massage parlors in the Phrong Phong area represented on my map above have websites.

Meaning a lot of the pics have been done up with a little bit of photoshop magic. That said, a lot of the massage girls in most oily massage shops are fairly attractive with good bodies. And personally, I love going to the shops because you can go and check what girls are available.

Because not all ladies want their photos plastered on the web. So you can always ask to see whatever girls are available at the moment by asking the mamasan. And whether or not you want to pay THB or upwards to have girl delivered to your room for a massage is entirely between you and your wallet.

I only recommend getting out call service massage service if you have seen the Thai massage girl with your own eyes. You can always go into one, check out their available girls and have them sent to your hotel room at a later time. But I can not stress enough how important it is to never have a Thai prostitute sent to your room if you have never seen her before with your own eyes.

They just might go ahead and give you a discount. You typically get one shot. However, some happy ending massage shops allow customers to cum more than once. For example some Thai girls working in Premier Massage offer customers 2 shots. Also shops that provide tantric massage service typically allow customers to cum more than 2 times like Kiss Massage and Thai Candy Massage.

There are many happy ending massage shops in Bangkok that do allow customers to cum twice but they do not actively advertise it. So check my blog on where I make reviews of massage shops. But in most cases most oil massage girls only give customers 1 shot. And when you want another shot you are going to have to pay extra.

Back when I was younger it happened to me lots of times. So just laugh it off. If anything they prefer a short romp then guys that go longer. The only shop full service massage shop I know where you can get unlimited shots is Analisa Massage , but the catch is you have to buy a one year THB VIP membership card. Today, there are still a lot of massage shops. But legitimate ones with no funny business.

Many shops now have older female and male masseuse, not only Thais, but workers from Laos and Burma too. Though not to a full extent. As a result no sex massage shops catering to female customers now dominate Patpong red light district. So why waste time and effort when you know Phrom Phong red light district is the place to go for an assured full service.

And you want someone to give you a hand job after a nice massage. Then check out Classic Massage located just 50 meters down Silom Soi 6. It used to be called Ben Ten Massage about 5 years ago. Though Classic Massage specializes in testicles massage. But their massage ladies will also jerk you off to completion. Normally I stick with the 1 hour oil massage for THB with hand job.

Today, lots of massage shops along Sukhumvit that cater mainly to tourists even have bath tubs where if you pay extra girls will slide up and down your body with theirs covered up in soap. And many shops simply offer more services like kinky and erotic sex, prostate massages and most provide threesome services at decent prices.

I will be adding more maps of happy ending massage shops in Bangkok and will update on my blog. Jimmy blog , go go bars , Happy Ending Massage , tantric massage 0 Comments. Jimmy blog , body to body , Happy Ending Massage 1 shot , bangkok , full service sex , happy ending massage 16 Comments.

You asked for it, you got it. My long awaited CanCam Massage review. Jimmy blog , body to body , Happy Ending Massage , reviews bangkok , body to body , nuru massage , unlimited shots 41 Comments. It was a gimmick service that has lost traction through the years. But recently, erotic nuru massage service is making a come back.

Mainly through several authentic Japanese happy ending massage shops in Bangkok like Mitu Massage. With unlimited come shots! Jimmy blog , body to body , Happy Ending Massage , reviews 2 shote , bare back blow jobs , cum in mouth , dream heaven massage , rim job 50 Comments. Which is something Dream Heaven Massage is well known for.

But during my most recent visit to Dream Heaven I had something unexpected. And not in a bad way. Check out my latest review! Jimmy blog , body to body , go go bars , Happy Ending Massage , reviews , thai dating tips blog , blow job bars , body to body massage , gogo bars , reviews , soapy massage , thai dating tips , thai freelancers 21 Comments.

Jimmy blog , Happy Ending Massage 2 shots , 7 heaven , bangkok , blow jobs , daytime action , jim hunt taste test , kimochil bj , massage , thai candy massage 31 Comments. Anyone up for a blow job?

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Glad you liked. For instance Akane Massage only offers their customers hand and oral reliefs. I typically visit one anytime between 5pm to 7pm.

Massage Parlor Guide, Chapter 2, Oral Massage.:

  • Followed afterwards is foreplay and sex.
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  • Because in this part of Sukhumvit 22 there is a beer bar or beer garden of sorts with Thai freelancers you can invite back to your room for extracurricular activities.
  • During a 1 hour oil massage which I normally choose on the menu.
  • Basic rates are about THB for an hour to use the larger suite rooms.
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  • love massage parlors to guide roleplay
  • So you will find young, though less attractive girls priced higher than older attractive girls.
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