How To Make Your Own Penis Pump

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If you still decide to build one, all risks lie entirely with you! I work in the adult sex toy retail business where I started in late The risk of this procedure is the weights to injure the penis which can be temporary only or permanent. To begin with, the cut bottle can easily cause a cut on your groin area. For that reason, many men who have smaller penises will go to extremes so that they can increase both the girth, and length of their penis.

How homemade penis pumps work

To begin with, the cut bottle can easily cause a cut on your groin area. The penis is one of the most sensitive parts of the male body. Imagine getting a cut there, it would hurt so badly! A cut can result from not covering the cut bottle with enough cotton pads.

Never ever try to use a glass bottle for that! To add to that, these pumps do not have any safety measures. Anything can go wrong, for instance, if the vacuum hose applies too much suction, it can cause serious damage to the skin or cause bleeding. This is putting your penis at risk and can lead to lifelong problems. Making homemade penis pumps is quite involving.

There is the possibility of making mistakes when putting the items together given one does this without any previous skills. I still emphasize the fact that the penis is a very sensitive body part. If anything is wrong with how you put the pump together, you might embarrassingly end up in the emergency room. Knowing the risks involved with making a homemade pump, you should instead, buy a product from a company which specializes in making penis pumps.

As much as you would like to save on costs, it is better to put money into a quality product than put your health and penis at risk. Penis pumps by companies such as the Bathmate Hydromax are safer. They are usually checked by the manufacturer to ensure that they have been assembled in the right way and reduce the chances of them causing any injury.

In addition, it is better to invest in manufactured products as they are designed to allow the user to adjust the pressure to exactly where they are comfortable, thus bringing safe and permanent results. Most of them also include a valve that allows one to immediately release built up pressure in case they want to. These two features are great safety measures that will ensure you do not end up hurting your penis.

If you are ashamed to ask one of these devices to your nearest supplier or you are short of money, do not worry! Here I will show you how to make one at home without spending a lot, besides no one will know what you are making. The steps to follow in making the homemade penis pump to increase the penis would be: Glass, for example, is more hygienic and sealing with silicone ensures that you can clean your penis pump thoroughly after use.

The construction effort is a little bit more because the silicone has to harden before you can use the pump, but it is worth the effort. But remember to also seal any sharp edges with silicone. If you want to use an electric pump, simply plug it into the end of the hose. Please note that the use of a penis pump can have side effects. Especially with self-made pumps, the vacuum generated can be so large that tissue damage to the penis can occur.

Also for hygienic reasons, self-construction is always associated with certain risks. The main objective is not to put too much stress on the penis at the start of the weight disbursement home apparatus program. Homemade penis enlargement devices are very cheap alternatives as compared to purchasing from a professional store.

One thing is that you also need to consider the safety of anything that is attached to the penis. You must follow the proven step by step technique of enlarging the penis naturally that works fast without the use of pumps and pills. Home Categories Contact Us.

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Do not get it on your skin! The vacuum hose is supposed to fit well into the hole, if not, there will not be enough suction power when one tries pumping. It is said that if done repeatedly, you will be able to increase the size of your penis.

Homemade Penis Pump (How To Build Your Very Own):

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