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Synopsis Subject to change without notice The classic superhero crossover gets the XXX spoof treatment, courtesy of undisputed porn parody king Axel Braun and adult powerhouse Vivid Entertainment. Have you ever played soccer? We were joking still at first, but then her fingers made their way to my pussy. This felt so much thicker and longer and I was totally soaking myself feeling his hands all over me. All bony legs, leathery wings, and teeth.

The Lone Star State continues its attacks on Elon Musk's electric car company.

We both laughed and eventually o went to the bathroom and saw the gigantic mess on my face, some of which I licked up. Long rope of jizz, one after another across my face from chin to forehead. We showered together and laid in bed, chatting about what had just happened and fell asleep. I laid there and reached behind me to grab at his dick and he eventually woke up and we laid in bed talking about how much fun we had and stuff.

Hope you liked it half as much as I did haha! This time I swallowed haha! He had afternoon practice so we had some time. Any buildings that might have stood there had long since collapsed, shattered by the ravages of a war as ancient as the universe itself. The ash fell swift and silent, muting any sound that might come from the desolation.

A layer of ash covered everything, raining from black clouds hanging low in the sky. As always, any and all comments and constructive criticism are greatly appreciated. A blasted, war-torn hellscape. She fell from the sky, plummeting toward a distant spot in the remains of planet Earth. The angel slammed into the ground, wincing at the popping in her wing joints.

Humanity had died eons ago, leaving an empty world behind, a dry husk. The few crimson shafts of sunlight that managed to pierce the thick layer of volcanic dust scattered before they could touch the ground, burying the entire plain in perpetual twilight. The ash swirled around her as she rolled to her feet and flared her wings, staining her feathers with gray powder.

There, Lailah was fighting for her life. She shook her head, dazed. An imp almost killed me. Her helmet rang around her ears, the metal vibrating like a gong. The imp abandoned its efforts, backpedaling. All bony legs, leathery wings, and teeth. What a pathetic way to get taken out.

She advanced on it, hefting her axe. With a heave, she lifted her axe and brought it down. The white metal flashed as it cut through bone, gold energy humming through the blade. Her eyes glowed behind the slits in her helm. The layer of hard, volcanic rock beneath the ash gleamed in the dim light.

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Ashley fires and kennedy leigh The seraphim would never let me hear the end of it. Lailah caught a flash of terror on its face before it tripped, rolling end over end.

Its wielder tugged at the blade, struggling to free it before she regained her balance. The two halves of the imp fell with a wet splat. The imp struggled to its feet and raised its arms as she advanced. The last thing it saw was the back of her armored fist, smashing its face into a pulp.

Straight back to Hell. Lailah surged higher, aiming for the flashes of gold in the cloud of ash. As she approached slicing through any imp foolish enough to flitter into her path she could hear the clashing of metal on metal, low grunts of pain, and steel slicing through flesh. Pilion was almost as good as she was, but he was being overwhelmed. Her eyes followed the last wisps of gas as they slipped into the ground, tunneling through the cracks.

Lailah seized a straggler by the throat, broke its neck, and snatched its cudgel before tossing it away. Another imp dove at her as she climbed, but misaimed. She flexed the handle, applying more pressure until it snapped, scattering white shards against her helm. Behind her helm, her jaw dropped. It fell, clutching at the makeshift dagger embedded in its chest, and Lailah was gone.

The material was off-white and stiff—almost brittle. The inside was porous and yellowy, and rotted into a gossamer honeycomb of solid material. Lailah gritted her teeth and hurtled forward, squinting through the thickening ash. By the time she reached him, he was in terrible shape.

Dozens of imps were swarming him from all directions, waving crude weapons carved out of something white. When she broke through the cloud layer, she gasped. The deep gash continued all the way around his head, down his neck, and over his shoulder. His helm had been dented, one of the wings decorating the sides of his helm torn away by a grasping claw.

The imp dissolved into goo. Before the angels could speak, the swarm of imps dove on them. They hacked and slashed, parried and blocked, dove and climbed. Then Lailah streaked toward them and decapitated it. The angel snarled and hurled the razor-sharp fragment at an approaching imp. Pilion rolled his shoulder, grimacing, then grinned at her.

Acid-green rain fell to the ground below. He spiraled, bellowing in pain and slapping at the demon, struggling to dislodge it. Acid spurted around her, forming a lime green mist as she hurtled closer to her comrade-in-arms. It screeched, body disintegrating.

Her armor had more scratches and dings than she could count. But as she hovered next to Pilion, she was grinning. But their numbers were dwindling. She was coated in sweat and acidic blood. She was having the time of her life. Pilion hovered next to her, beating the air with smooth, hard flaps of his snow-white wings.

Her heart pounded like a bass drum in her ears. With a sigh, he sheathed his swords and slid his helmet off. Her face was flushed, her eyes were wild. Pilion shook his head, chuckling. His hair was plastered to his forehead at odd angles, sweat shaping it into chaotic whorls and spikes. The demons never stopped coming, an implacable tide of maroon and black. Nearly two feet of blade stuck out of his chest.

Both Lailah and the newcomer watched it fall, white feathers detaching and sprinkling like snow, before eyeing justin slayer their opponent. A pair of gray wings unfurled behind him. It was stone, mottled with countless miniscule pores. Where the edges of her plates were trimmed with gold, his were bronze.

He matched her movements perfectly, his gray wings feathers tipped with black mirroring hers. His eyes, behind the slits, were purple and dark, knotted with fury and bloodlust. Just a little more powerful than those imps. She snarled, pulled back, and dove toward him, axe held ready. Just as powerful—if not more—than me. Lailah swung, then grimaced.

But instead of words, blood gurgled from his mouth and ran down his chin. She barely had time to recover before his sword was swinging towards her face. His sword slammed into the shaft of her axe, the enchanted wood warping and cracking with each strike. Wincing as she blocked blow after blow, Lailah retreated. Lailah took a deep breath and flexed her wings, trying to intimidate him.

Behind her smooth, featureless helm, Lailah grimaced. The two angels pushed, each struggling to overcome the other. She sucked in her breath, thinking fast. Absorbs energy from kills and makes the user stronger. Lailah pushed back, gritting her teeth. They growled at one another over their locked blades. They pushed close to each other, faces almost touching above their weapons.

He took Pilion out with one hit. Lailah squinted into his dark eyes, gave one last heave, and kicked him in the chest. It reflected in their armor, obscuring her vision. Gotta get him away from me. Grinning in triumph, elated to finally have the upper hand, Lailah dove.

She could hear the air rush justin slayer from his lungs and his desperately gasps for breath, even though she was yards above him. The demon groaned and crumpled, deflated, before spiraling down and away from her. Below her, the demon was beginning his recovery. She twisted, and their weapons locked. Her axe sizzled in the air, the intense heat from the blade making it burn bright at her shoulder.

Lailah corkscrewed, dodging. He glided for a second, then whirled, falling face-up now, and hurled his sword. But only two people can pull it off. Her arms were on fire, her wings desperately beat the air, struggling to counter the nephilim bearing down on her. He straightened his wings and leveled out.

It flew straight and true, hurtling toward her like a gigantic, oversized arrow. She dove, a straight, streamlined bullet, screaming a defiant battle cry. But deep down, she knew it was him. The plane of black expanded in her vision, blocking everything except the black-and-bronze-armored demon below her.

They were approaching the ground now. It screamed toward them, massive and unyielding. He was still falling, still facing her, when she hit him and wrapped her thighs around his waist. Lailah laughed, face split by a wide, shining grin. If possible, she dove faster, ready for the kill, but her eyes widened with recognition.

Her boot clanged like a gong, slamming into the center of his breastplate. Her blonde hair whirled in the wind, streaming like a wave between her wings, as she reached forward and ripped his helmet away. Seconds before they smashed into the ground, she seized him by the front of his armor and kissed him.

You threw your weapon away! The war sucks, though. Jehovah can be awful when he has a bad day. They were too willing to micro-manage, too willing to sacrifice humans for no reason and make their followers do the same. When did he take his gauntlet off? She let him go for a few minutes before sitting up. Eligas drummed his fingers nervously, tapping rhythms on the back of her armor.

I live in a copy of our old house, with the—" she laid a finger across his lips. I was going to ask if you wanted to defect. And I thought that maybe, we could live in Hell together? The full story can be found here. Please tell me what you think! Exact replica of Heaven, actually. Also Im writing this on my android so I could only write so much before my thumbs gave out so if you want to hear more, please be patient with me lol.

He approached me first, sensing my shyness at my new surroundings. I was immediately drawn to his gorgeous dark skin, long dreaded hair, and charisma. This is a true story that Ive written erotica style. He was already kind of drunk and as I later learned, that made him more aggressive than usual.

He kept telling me that I was absolutely juicy. He was taller than me by several inches, had a runners graceful, sinewy build, and seemed to just ooze sexuality. Serveral times he tightly squeezed my hips and waist, and once or twice he ran his fingers up into my long brown hair, grabbed a fist full at the base of my skull, and aggressively pulled my head back.

I was wearing some cute jeans and a short pink dress that I had tied up on one side so that it pulled tight, revealing my cute waist, round bottom and large breasts, and I could tell that he was totally digging it. I met him at a bar not far from home.

Im 27 now so its been four years since this happened, but Ive written this as accurately as possible. But yet, I was intrigued. I was sure that he would ravish me, and the hot, intense lust that I felt when he touched me and that smoldered in his eyes when he looked at me made me feel like a soft, tender rabbit quivering before a fox as it might languidly pin the poor thing down and run its rough tongue over the terrified creature to torment his prey before biting into it.

That night I fantasized about what it might be like to have him dominate me and I imagined him driving his hard, demanding shaft into the soft girls fucked mound between my thighs, bruising me to fulfill his basic carnal needs as he pinned me down and silenced my moaning protests with deep, agressive kisses that would leave my lips tender and sore.

I got his phone number from him but was too excellent nude photos nervous to leave with him that night. We ended up at my favorite Zishy Chinese buffet eating sushi rolls and completely unable to keep our hands off of each other. The very next day, I texted him. He was amazed that I was twenty three and has only just lost my virginity, which made us laugh and shake our heads at our society today.

He still pulled my hair once or twice though, so my panties were pretty damp by the time we left the restaurant. He had to work that evening, but since hes a bar tender he just took me along with him and gave me some free drinks while I chatted and played pool with some of his buddies. Finally the bar closed and he drove me in my car back to his place.

This genuinely scared me a little, but at the same time I felt a tingle run through my lower belly and a warm, damp flush between my thighs. His dark eyes and the scent of the oils in his hair, coupled with his rock hard, muscled but slim body had made an impression on me. The vibe I got was slightly Rastafarian and so peaceful.

A large mirror that hung girls fucked over a slightly beat up futon reflected more light back into the room from the tv. Without booze in him, the sexuall aggressiveness I had seen in him the night before was mostly subdued. I dumped my purse, kicked off my shoes and pants I hate pants and Im surprised that in my buzzed state they didnt come off before we got back to his place , girls fucked and made my way over to the futon.

He literally didnt have any lights in his basement pad, just the light from the tv and ropes of blue lights strung across the ceiling at one end of the room. Have you ever played soccer? He moved towards me and I self consciously sank down on the futon, watching him apprehensively. I plopped down on my knees facing the mirror and tried to examine my makeup in the dim light.

I told him that I had just lost my virginity a few months ago, to the guy that I had just broken up with after discovering what a control freak he was. He pulled me towards him and I hesitantly responded. I snuck a hand beneath his shirt to find hard abs that ran down to a hot V where his hip bones jutted out. I instantly fell in love with the feel of his home.

I couldnt believe I had the nerve to actually stick my hand into his pants. Usually hair on men grossed me out, but this wasnt long, straight, dark, peat like hair lying over pale, flabby skin, noo, this was a patch of short, glistening, black corkscrew curls that ran down from not too far below his navel to where my fingers met the base of his hardened cock.

I slipped a few fingers down into the front of his pants and encountered a patch of hair below his navel. He kissed me, gently at first but before long our kisses went from slow and passionate to hot and frenzied. I found myself retreating, but he was patient with me. Eye Color: Fake Boobs: Interests and hobbies: Ask me!

Relationship status: Interested in: Guys and Girls. City and Country: Wichita, US. Turn Ons: I love a strong man who is gentle twords me who treats me like the princess I am! Spoils me with kisses n loves not to mention moneys lol. Turn Offs: I hate controlling men who are rude mean or ungrateful I dont like beggers and I hate men who cant take no for a answer or ask for a reason for said answer!

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It flew straight and true, hurtling toward her like a gigantic, oversized arrow. I was determined to break out of my shell in college and be the sexy girl that everyone wanted. Logging in I complied and we set fourth on our way to the beer stands. Seth Dickens. He finally pulled out a condom.

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The California senator and former prosecutor has a long record of pushing illiberal policies. This answer contains Game of Thrones spoilers. You are now logged in.

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