Milena Velba And Friends

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Some girls go to great lengths just to get noticed, especially in the slut scene in and around the Czech Republic, but not Milena Velba. Milena is a natural wonder of the world when it comes to her big tits. Growing up, she always wanted to be a runner, but her physique obviously stifled that dream. So today, Milena gets that same intense cardio from slamming solo scenes of dance stripping and vigorous masturbation.

It took Milena 33 years to realize how to put her assets to work for her. After a friend showed her the potential of a personal porn website, Milena got hooked and ended up hooking thousands of tit lovers to her homepage. Related Pornstars: Milena Devi. Milena Santos.

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I hear all kind of music except hip-hop, rap and electronic or techno music. Which are Your favorite books? I like to read books about psychology and meditation.

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I like everything from comedy to realistic drama. I am not a big fan of horror or splatter-movies.

Do You have any nickname in real life? What other jobs You have or have had besides modelling? During my model career I just worked for my website. What do You like the most and least about modelling? To be honest, for me the photoshooting days were always kind of relaxing days.

Me and Daktari, the photographer, are joking around a lot during the shoots. As soon as I have arrived at the studio I am in a kind of absurd or giggly mode. What I hate about modeling is that the same poses looked better 10 years ago. Do You take inspiration from other models for Your work? I like hyperactive , authentic models like Angela White.

Working with her was big fun and I find her energy very inspiring. I was teacher in both sets with her but I felt like her student. Who would come up with the ideas and scripts for the scenes? Milena herself? Or Daktari? Or someone else? Daktari always prepares the sets , finds the locations and buys the costumes.

Daktari has all the material, but I think we have published all. Usually we make between and photos and Daktari choose about pics. What were Your first impressions of Miosotis Claribel, one of the few women with bigger breasts than You? I like Miosotis. We were good friends but due to language and geographic distance we lost contact. What was the guest model You enjoyed working with the most?

Difficult to say. Some girls are very easy to work with because they are professional and close friends like Katherina and Arena. They also speak my language and I feel always more comfortable in my own language. Hitomi Tanaka is so professional and a nice person but I am so bad in English that unfortunately we could not get closer. Angela White was so exciting.

I felt like she really wanted to do what she did in the photos and videos. She is so authentic. Who is the model You would have loved to shoot with, but never got the chance to? It would have loved to work with Lucie Wilde. Too bad she just did hardcore and then disappeared. I never met her but I think she is a very nice and lovely person. What was Your biggest reason religion, family or something else for not doing hardcore?

I would need a reason for doing it. If You could go back 15 years ago, would You still choose the career of a topless model? Many fans follow You on social networks but do not know that all Your accounts are false, is the language this is not a problem, fans can use google-translate the only reason that stops You having an Instagram and Facebook accounts?

The reason for not opening my own social media account are the fake accounts. If I would have my own account I would have to fight a stupid war about who is real and who is fake. Life is too short for this. I refuse to load my life with negative things. What is the reason for Your retirement?

People steal too much. Every set and video is distributed on several forum pages within minutes after we upload the material. At the end, from the financial point of view it made no sense to continue. Daktari just had an idea to make an emergency call to make the site continue.

I am not sure if this will help. But believe me, I would like to continue with the whole program, photos and videos. Do you see a chance? How do You feel about Your retirement? I want to continue. The illegal fileshare community decides. Who knows? Have You thought about making a comeback or doing a one off photo-shoot in the future?

What can we expect in the coming months as Your website wraps up? Shall it remain as a paid online archive? To allow recurring memberships we have to make at least a update per month so Daktari is thinking about re-editing the old videos and upload them in high resolution. Is there anything that can bring You back to modelling?

If the people realize that all the free illegal downloads destroy the models work and if they just pay a membership sometimes, it would be enough to support our site and let it continue. Thank You very much for all that You have given us in these years. You are irreplaceable. All the best in Your future endeavors.

We thank all those who have sent their questions. Special thanks to: We especially thank Daktari Lorenz who helped this interview with Milena Velba happen thanks also for the translation. She has given so much and shared her incredible body with the world. I wish her all the best. Plain and simple. Bye Felicia! Frank Underwood- Nonsense!

If she had done hardcore and the files were still shared for free the site shutdown would still have happened Einstein. Shes too lazy for the business and quite frankly just a set of big tits with little else. No ass, no body, nothing. I just wish I had the chance to order some of her memorabilia like her autograph photos: Milena Velba is my 2nd most favorite boob model to Nadine.

The best way is to evolve like many pornsites are doing and get some ads involved. It would be a win-win. I hope she returns!! Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Hello Dear Milena, we sincerely thank You for accepting to give an interview for our readers.

X 2Busty: Do You have any secrets to be so beautiful? Is it just genetic? The section with questions about Your incredible bust 2Busty:

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Velba was born in an industrial town in northwestern Czechoslovakia, near the border with East Germany. Big Tits Hangers Hanging Breasts. Dinner at the Velba family.

The interview with Milena Velba:

I met Daktari, the photographer, and during the first meeting he already decided to create a site for me. Related Pornstars: My last bra was a 85K german size. Groping Milena's big tits. Tonic Movies When I am home I try to help my youngest son with his school problems.

Cooch TV No ass, no body, nothing. Nadine and Milena. Do You sleep with a bra?

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