Imaginary Lover Foster Home For Imaginary Friends

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Cartman escapes and flees into the Barrens, One of the Villans', Scott Tenorman, is slaughtered by Bendy, who appears in the form of a horde of zombies of the victims of the murders at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza in , whilst wandering in the sewers looking for Cartman. Granted, she acts and seems human, but as far as I know, no one every really questions whether or not Frankie is human. This plot is a success. As Frankie and Mr. At school, Tails was running in the halls because he's late, but accidentaly bumps into a new student: Nearly much of the in-house animators and art crew is recycled of mostly and notably that of familiar Nickelodeon Animation Studio and Cartoon Network Studios alumni, as well as some from Warner Bros.

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Squidward tries to protest, but Mr. Krabs is too busy cheering, and carting away the money to notice. Although they have enough money to buy their tickets, they arrive at the theater to find they are forbidden to go see the movie. Wanting to see the movie, the boys hire a homeless man to buy the tickets for them.

This plot is a success. At school, Tails was running in the halls because he's late, but accidentaly bumps into a new student: Millie "Tailsko" Prower. He started to fall in love with her, but snapped out of his obsession. Tailsko told him she met some boys who were like him before. They introduced each other, until Mr.

Mackey told them to go back to class. In class, Eric Cartman humiliates Tails in front of everyone, which angers him. Garrison told them to stop laughing and told Tails they'll have a talk after class. At class, Tails feels annoyed by Eric Cartman. When Tailsko showed up, he explained the situation.

It turns out she also had to deal with bullying because she had two tails, but Tails told her he loves her the way she is and asks her if he could be her boyfriend. Eric Cartman then continued to mock them, which angers Tails even more. In the counselor's office, Mr. Mackey tells the boys that he has notified their mothers of the incident, and tries to find out where the language originated from.

Back at Foster's the married couple's daughter finally snatches him up and shows him to her mother and father.

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They agree, but only Mac's last-minute arrival saves him. The millionaires leave empty-handed, while Duchess becomes even angrier at not being able to leave Foster's which she refers to as a dump due to Bloo's interference. After school, Tails introduces Tailsko to his friends.

But when Spongebob introduced himself, Tailsko stared at him as if he told a bad joke. After snapping out of it, she explained she has a problem with people wearing purple. Later Spongebob while practicing baseball, hits a ball that flies through a window in neighbor Dr. Nora Wakeman's front door. He wanders inside, seeing various pieces of machinery and robot parts strewn about.

Spongebob flees in terror without taking the ball, where he is intercepted by The Gang and informs the Gang that he encountered a "hideous bloodthirsty robot". Wakeman overhears this conversation, and Woody tries to explain the situation, but Wakeman slams the door in his face, so he leaves, only to notice the robot while arguing with Spongebob.

She instructs Jenny that there is a meteor warning, but Jenny disregards it because most meteors typically burn up in the atmosphere. When Dr. Wakeman leaves the room, Mac climbs in through Jenny's window and meets her. The two leave and hang out, playing hackey sack and chasing ice cream trucks, among other things, while Spongebob reluctantly tags along, still suspicious and nervous about Jenny.

Jenny rockets off to destroy the meteor as soon as she gets the warning, and dispatches it quickly. As she returns to Earth, she and The Gang realize in shock that Jenny had accidentally taken Spongebob along with her, as he had been inadvertently attached to her wings. While Spongebob is a bit charred from re-entry, he is impressed by Jenny's abilities and declares her to be "so cool!

They are lured into the basement by Bendy, where they are chased by Phantom Foxy one of the kid's souls who is trapped inside the animatronics, whom they narrowly escape. The hat ghost pokes Mario and Luigi to get a response to see if they are okay. Mario and Luigi wakes up, surprising the ghost, and catches up with them after he flees. Mario,Luigi and Cappy team up to stop Bowser's plans and save both Peach and Tiara, and using the piece he collected, Cappy transforms into the Mario Cap, allowing Mario to use Cappy's abilities.

O saying that their economy depends on Sausage Party. The American then openly laughs at the Columbia Pictures accent. Enraged by this, Sony responds by bombing the residences of Drawn Together. President Trump then declares war on Sony and orders the execution of "war criminals" The Sausage Party Gang within a week. When Sheila, who has become the U. Cartman escapes and flees into the Barrens, One of the Villans', Scott Tenorman, is slaughtered by Bendy, who appears in the form of a horde of zombies of the victims of the murders at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza in , whilst wandering in the sewers looking for Cartman.

The Gang finds Cartman who is bloodied and bruised by Sheila Broflovski, Cartman stumbles across Bloo and the other friends, takes Cartman to the local pharmacy to help him, Jenny distracts the guy running the pharmacy to help the gang steal medical supplies for Cartman when it turns out they don't have enough money. The Foster's gang then discover Plankton's gang bullying Mario, Luigi, and Cappy chase them off with an epic rock war before befriending them.

Meanwhile, Topper, Harriet, Rango, and Spewart finally found a cure for cancer.. Topper, Harriet, Rango, and Spewart, now as what people reffered to as the "The Broodals", the Toonvile bridge, tossing car by car over the bridge and eventually causing a huge fire.

Bloo and the Gang saves each passenger and their car most notably a year old child by bringing him back up to the bridge and reuniting him with his father. As Frankie and Mr. While everyone is eating Kenny sweats, and makes an excuse to leave. Cut to a traffic accident where Kenny gets hit by a truck. Satan has been torturing Kenny until Saddam Hussein appears and reveals that he is Satan's lover.

When Satan discovers that a war has started on Earth, he says with delight that it has been prophesied that he can return to Earth once the blood of "these cartoon food gang" who are, by Satan's accounts, innocent touches American soil. The next morning at the Krusty Krab, Mr. Krabs tells the gang to go into the sewers because something weird and evil is in there.

The gang brings cameras to see if they can take pictures of themselves fighting off the beasts. Terrence, meanwhile, has been watching from behind the bushes across the street and realizes that Mac has not gotten rid of Bloo. Vexus and her clusters had invaded Jenny. Jenny then realizes that she had to fight, and she's not afraid to fight back.

At a restaurant, Tails and Tailsko talked about the things they usually do, until Tailsko confessed that she stared at Gene because she was tormented by someone wearing purple later revealed to be William Afton. Plankton, who was outside, is ready for his plan and gets inside, turning off the power of the buildng, which frightens Tailsko even more.

The Gang fight Plankton. The gang is sent to find "The Mole," a French boy who agrees to help them rescue The Sausage Party gang, who are to be executed in the electric chair during a USO show. Back in Hell, Kenny suggests Satan should leave Saddam for good. Although Satan initially agrees Saddam convinces him that he must go back to earth Earth so that they can rule together "I Can Change".

As a result, Satan cannot bring himself to break up with Saddam and they head for the surface - much to Kenny's annoyance. Tailsko woke up, stuffed inside a Golden Freddy suit and Jenny woke up, stuffed inside a Chica suit They had no idea where they were until they heard a voice. A voice way too familiar for them to forget it.

It was her killer and stalker, Dave Miller A. William Afton with Bendy. He told them they stuffed them inside a springlock suits, and that if they ever moved, they would already be dead Bendy tells them his backstory. Cartman, tasked with turning off the power shortly before the execution begins, is frightened when the ghost of Kenny again warns him that Saddam and Satan are on their way.

Cartman runs away without turning off the power, causing the Mole to be spotted as he escapes Kyle and Stan desperately run to the stage to prevent the execution, but Kyle cannot bring himself to stand up to his mom and Sheila orders it to start. Before it can start, though, the Canadians and Sony launch a surprise attack. Cartman rushes to turn off the electric chairs. Finally, on top of the roof of the U.

O Show, Topper, Harriet, Rango, and Spewart, the Broodals attempts to climb to the antennae, but Mario, with the antidote, sprays the Topper, Harriet, Rango, and Spewart, the Broodals, freezing their arms and stopping him briefly. Le Mole appears and, with his shotgun, aims and shoots at the Topper, Harriet, Rango, and Spewart, the Broodals frozen limb, causing it to break and fall into pieces.

The beasts quickly regrow their limbs and starts the climb again. After a few more tries, Mario eventually changes the Serum cloud into an antidote cloud, but not before the Topper, Harriet, Rango, and Spewart, the Broodals fatally claws Le Mole All hell breaks loose and the giant antennae falls, almost bringing Bloo and the rest along with it until Topper, Harriet, Rango, and Spewart, the Broodals regains human senses and reaches out to help the gang.

The Foster's Gang reaches the roof and joins the Le Mole for his last moments. The Foster's Gang then freed Tailsko and Jenny, who explained why they were stuffed inside the springlock suits. Kyle questions Sheila about forgetting that Ike is Canadian, shocking the troops. She however, claims that she doing something very important. Kyle finally decides to stand up to his mom and says he wants her to stop fighting all these battles and just be his mom, and that she shouldn't blame Sony or Canada because it's his fault that he saw the movie in the first place.

The American forces, seeing that Kyle has a point, decide not to fight anymore, but Sheila - still refusing to admit any wrongdoings - shoots Sausage Party Gang anyway. When their blood touches the ground, Satan and Saddam burst out from Hell and begin wreaking havoc, followed by Kenny, who takes advantage of the situation to return to Earth.

Saddam who makes everyone, including the Canadian and American forces, bow down to him while Satan watches. Kenny insists to Satan that now is the time to stand up to Saddam, but Satan can't bring himself to do so. Saddam orders a big statue of himself, exactly where Spongebob is standing but then Spongebob grabs a bat and says "And now I've gotta kill this hell of villains.

Tailsko brutally stabbed causing the springlocks to crush Dave inside the Spring Bonnie suit. He then begs Tailsko for mercy, but she leaves him. Saddam calls for Satan to help to kill Cartman, but Satan, finally tired of Saddam's abuse, angrily confronts Saddam, and kills him by throwing him upon a pointed, jagged rock in Hell. Meanwhile, with Bloo and Mac Mason they fight Bendy then he begs for forgiveness, but his Bendy persona attempts to remote-control his glider with his blades to impale Bloo and Mac Mason They evades the attack, causing the glider and blades to impale Bendy in the heart instead, and he dies.

Satan grants his wish and returns to Hell, taking Mr. Garrison's puppet Mr. Hat as his new friend. At this moment, Dave vanished from Tailsko's mind. She now felt brave enough to face him a second time. Mac and Bloo are surprised by the arrival of its founder, Madame Foster herself. In this world, humans and imaginary friends coexist, which creates the inherent problem of what to do when children outgrow their imaginary friends.

Madame Foster runs the home with the help of her imaginary friend, Mr. Herriman, and her year-old granddaughter, Frankie. It was a fun show that actually becomes even more fun when you consider this theory…that Frankie was an imaginary friend as well. The theory, courtesy of 9gag , argues that Frankie is the younger version of Madame Foster.

The idea is that Madame Foster would have imagined a younger version of herself to manage the foster home, since Madame Foster is too old. One of the strongest points of the theory is that Frankie never has imaginary friends of her own, nor does the show allude to that possibility.

Granted, she acts and seems human, but as far as I know, no one every really questions whether or not Frankie is human. Now, there are some counter arguments. There was one episode where Frankie actually went on a date, as seen below. The latter works because there have been several jokes within the series where imaginary friends have had crushes on humans.

Also, being imaginary would explain why Frankie is willing to work in a Foster home instead of going to college or pursuing a career. Here comes my own theory that answers that very question. What if Frankie was the person who imagined Madame Foster?

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He started to fall in love with her, but snapped out of his obsession. When Dr. When Sheila, who has become the U. He later discovers that Mac's Father has been carjacked and shot dead. Next Next post:

The Shocking Truth Behind ‘Foster’s Home For Imaginary Friends’:

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