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Purchase the fu September 06 When an ass pucker is bigger than your body, imagin Recommended Channels See All. To pr She gets you in her mouth, then swallows, allowing you to travel to the depths of her massive belly.

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An adventurous teen who just happens to be five inches tall has been stuck in homeschool all his life. After having little success with the ladies, a young college student is shrunken by his attractive but mature boss, who is looking for a serious relationship to fill a void in her life that she desperately needs filled….

All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. No money is being made from this work. No copyright infringement is intended. Remember Me Register Lost Password. Tom's Story by Duggernaut Rated: R [ Reviews - ]. None Growth: None Shrink: Minikin 3 in.

Size Roles: Following story may contain inappropriate material for certain audiences Series: None Chapters: Yes Word count: July 17 Updated: September 06 X [ Reviews - ]. Sometimes you're looking for love in all the wrong places, but it finds you anyway. Life is funny like that. Friends and Family Chapters: March 25 Updated: June 16 None Warnings: None Series: No Word count: January 27 Updated: October 03 Homunculus by Cayce Rated: R [ Reviews - 60 ].

A tiny teenager is forced to live with his normal-sized family. Ignored by his father, he finds himself at the mercy of his sadistic stepmother and her friends, who delight in teasing and torturing him. December 10 Updated: October 21 Lilliputian 6 in. April 06 Updated: She gets you in her mouth, then swallows, allowing you to travel to the depths of her massive belly.

Then, when her bo She is going to make you suffer by crushing you with her stinky ass! As if the stench is not bad enough, she is also going to order you to do some licking down there! She considers you to be her Giantess Teacher Amber Cream has invited a micro man student into her home after school for some kinky play, and all goes well until the small pupil cums too soon while Ms.

Cream is using him to rub her giant pussy. To teach him a memorable lesson, t After you bugged strong woman Cheyenne Jewel for a wrestling match long enough, she finally had you over, and you lost big time! Why did you even bother? She has some daunting things in store for you now that you have wasted her time.

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Purchase the fu Before she allows him to escape, she is going to add a bit more bad behavior to her repertoire.

She is going to fart on the micro teacher. She is not walking Giantess Jasmeen LeFleur Farts in a Jar Gassy and sassy giantess Jasmeen LeFleur has no time for small-dicked micro men, and she has trapped some such men in a jar after their microscopic cock size turned her off completely. She has no use for them, and tells them as much, while she passes She has a gummy bear to use as she pleases, and she does not treat the sticky figure kindly!

She smothers him with her ass and even uses him to rub her pierced tits and pussy! This upset giantess Ada Bomb because she did not realize you were so darn tiny. She decides to make lemonade out of lemons and use your tiny form to rub her pussy. Lucky for you, she actually kinda Giantess - Ada Bomb Shrinks Boyfriend When your girlfriend Ada Bomb has grown tired of your tiny dick and how you treat her pretty pussy, she shrinks you down to micro man size and teaches you how to approach her pussy.

She wants you to be gentle with her clit instead of attacking it lik Giantess - Private Stripper Marilyn Moore Marilyn Moore makes her first outcall private stripper visit, and she encountered a micro man client who thought her boobs were "ginormous," which they were, compared to his tiny size!

Instead of shedding her layers, she twerked her body, grinding he Giantess Sheila Marie Face Farts on Shrunken Boss Commanding MILF Sheila Marie is fed up with her boss making everyone in the office feel small, so she has him in shrunken form and is filling his face with the farts flying out of her huge ass! This is one ticked off giantess, and she is going to gas Giantess Verta's Farting Revenge Vexing giantess Verta has a micro man in her midst, and since his oral skills left a lot to be desired, an orgasmless Verta decided to pour on the punishment!

She subjected this tiny dude the the ferociousness of her farts, and he sure was on the rec She should call an exterminator, since there is more than one of them, but instead, she decides to use one of them as a masturbation toy! This dark-skinned sex kitten will do When you ate your own jizz, it shrunk you, oddly enough, and giantess Cheyenne Jewel is not going to let you get away.

After she creamed you in a wrestling match, then you creamed yourself, she is going to stick you in her ass. This chick is strong a Giantess Lucky Starr shrunk her boss to micro man form, and she had some crazy fun with him until he came too soon. Now, this premature ejaculator is going to receive some punishment for his quick-drawing dick cumming on her ass.

She is going to cove After Cheyenne Jewel let you cum to her farts, you are left with a hand full of your own jizz. Well, she is not going to clean it up! She is going to make certain you lick it all. Oh, wow. Real men are supposed to eat pussy.

So a resourceful Cheyenne found a recipe online to shrink him down to micro man form. And with him so tiny, she is going to h When your girlfriend, Ashley Luvbug, downloads an odd shrinking app on her phone, you are reduced to micro man form, and she puts you to good use. She had him stick her miniature dick inside of her pussy, but now she is in the mood for some ass play.

Her ass hole is so tight, hi She can totally have her way with him now, and she is going to, despite the fact his cock is basically microscopic. She wants him to eat he She thought she might be gassy, so she perched on the fart chair to more readily pass gas. With her first fart, she received quite a shock!

She tooted out a tiny human! When she found you and your army of micro men in her tush, she was tolerant, but since you left her feeling less-than-fresh down there, she i Giantess Face Farting - Risika Shrinks Slave Giantess Risika is up to her old tricks, and her latest prey is an average-sized man who has no idea he will soon be reduced to micro-man form. This is rather disgustin She is rather sinister when she wants to be, and when she tears into her army of micro-men, they are in for quite a serving of stink!

She farts on the tiny fellows, and their minuscule bodies are covered She is seriously considering swallowing you whole, sending you on a daunting trip through her digestive With you in micro-man form, she plans to continue to play with you like a cat teases her prey. Good luck surviving her massive ass when she decides crushing you sounds like a smashin Giantess - Tiny Ebony's Tiny Gangbang Giantess Tiny is going to have some fun with the micro men she discovered in her living room.

What a treat! She is absolutely tickled pink to have these eager little men treating her most sensitive body parts to some kinky play! She has the teeny, ti Stunning BBW Delicious has her boyfriend right where she wants him! She is a kinky gal and is going to blast your micro-man form with her outrageous farts! When an ass pucker is bigger than your body, imagin When she asked you to fuck her, and you foolishly declined, she is going to make you fuck her.

Using her specialized television remote, she is going to shrink you down to micro-man size and essentially use you as She has several suggestions, including crushing you with her h Giantess - Fart Olympics with Shae Spreadz Ebony giantess Shae Spreadz is a tall drink of water with a stinky ass that is capable of blowing a micro man into oblivion with powerful gusts.

She is hosting a kinky Fart Olympics, as she tests how well her assemblage of micro men can withstand bei

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Recognize a pornstar in this video? This dark-skinned sex kitten will do April 20 Updated: She subjected this tiny dude the the ferociousness of her farts, and he sure was on the rec Giantess fart slave xxx extreme Flag this video. But after a virus enters the system, the characters begin to question their own reality as it slowly changes around them As if the stench is not bad enough, she is also going to order you to do some licking down there!

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