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However, a mysterious figure contacts the group via a Communications Lacrima, revealing himself as the sender. One of Erza's armors that she utilizes through her Requip. As they arrive in a beach resort they are welcomed by Gen and Lily, who offer them a lot of activities. The newbie suddenly rushes into the forest with enthusiasm and finally gets lost. The next day, while the girls are preparing for the new day, Ainelle Riverton, a proclaimed new member of the guild who joined while Kagura's group was away appears, stating that her illness wasn't as dire as her seniors so she recovered at home. Although Erza manages to avoid getting trapped, she is overwhelmed by ]the assault of the entire Black Goblin guild. However, the headquarters are located in a ruined town, surrounded by various stone houses, steps and archways that are all clearly damaged, and apparently still deteriorating.

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If the orb is activated, it release all of the Magic Power with tremendous force. Upon the request to investigate a serial theft occurring in the Fiore Royal Girls Academy, the four girls are admitted to the school as students and instantly gain huge popularity due to their status and membership of the Grand Magic Games victor: The two briefly fight , but Laxus is ultimately victorious, though angered about the derogatory remarks he heard about his guild.

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DS Comapny: However, Sumire was actually trying to get Wendy away from them and succeeds by cutting the ground in half. The current Guild Master of Fairy Tail, who was forced to let Mavis take the four girls to the resort and accepted Sumire to join the guild. Loren is a swordswoman of Rose Marionette. April 26, This type Magic allows the user to mimic the appearance, Magic and thought patterns of any other individual. He invented the giant flying bear fortress which is the guild's HQ.

A small story of the author talking about moving to a perfect resident with her editor and Hiro Mashima. What a Wizard is Prepared For. Magic Bird: A First for Wendy?! The two girls then join their comrades in the battle, attacking the imposter Mages all at once and finally defeating Dark Mirror.

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