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Cause' if they find me now, I will be executed for sure. Foxy Gets Hooked by Shufflehound. Some textures are bugged - I assume you're using C4D version older than R But, nevermind that! Besides my little law I bind myself to, I just never had a care about myself. And it kind of fits for us to confuse the Puppet as a vengeful entity, as many people in "the silver eyes" thought that her father, Henry was the killer. Have a nice day!

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Why would anyone want to know???? Answer 13 questions asked to you, and invent 13 questions for tagged people to answer. You legitimately have to tag 13 people You have to finish within a week. If you don't finish in time, you have to do whatever the creator asks. Be creative with the title.

Things about me: In other words I'm a fan 5 I'm an otaku Love anime and manga 6 All my class averages are above 95 7 I'm a ginger 8 I have glasses 9 I have 3 dogs, 4 cats, a guinea pig, and 10 rabbits. Hot Yopic 2 Do you like the song I always play at the end of my comic dubs? I wrote it and sung it myself. Never heard it Gotta go check it out 3 What gender should Freddy's child be?

Gotta go through all the questions to even begin to know whats going on He ain't here yet. Too many to list But, I usually post it on here, so Would watching people on deviantart and subscribing to people on youtube count? Not really I'm open I tag: January 12, 24 Comments 1 Favourite. For some reason souls have been increasing and making my hours longer.

My colleagues are saying its the start of a epidemic. I fear soon the reason behind this will start coming after something else. For now, I need to focus on getting my job done at a reasonable hour. It about 3 in the afternoon and I started work exactly 19 hours ago. I don't feel tired, though. I guess I'm use to it by now.

After what happened with Onyx, I can't sleep without seeing horrific images. I don't even think I can describe them. Just seem so familiar I haven't told anyone. Not even Eve, the medic here in this gray, quiet version of Hell. But, she's noticed that something is wrong I can't tell anyone Not after what happened last time N-Never mind. As far as I'm concerned, I will keep this to myself.

Other than re-occuring Horror scenes causing no sleep and long hours of reaping souls, I noticed some things no one else seemed to notice about this "epidemic". Well, not the same as in they all died the same. More like they all had a similar event happen.

How do I know this? Well, that's also a secret. Rarely are Reapers given the ability of Soul- Oooppps Almost let that out. Anyway, each soul had a meeting with this odd person in their dreams.
Free asian cuckold porn tube japanese cuckold videos hot It played out the same. The person would ask what their wish was and somehow when they woke up, it came true.

Some kind of power must be involved. I should ask Train about it But, I'll have to do it without other knowing. This seemed odd. When people die at the same time, they usually were in some kind of tragedy, like a fire or a massive car crash. But, these were separate and in entirely different dimensions and timelines.

So, this came off as strange to me. I feel like there will be more evidence as time passes. But this is very concerning. I dare not tell anyone. They would think I'm overthinking this. As long as I believe that there is something wrong, I know I will be able to prove this. I will gather more information about this as the days go on.

I don't want to stop and sleep, but I will. Till' next time There lazy, if you ask me. Just making excuses to get out of work, but I'm not going to complain. I feel like this all will go on forever. The souls increase and the people in those worlds are becoming few. I need to find whoever that person was. But, no one has said anything about a murderer or suspicious person lately.

I also have nothing new to report. I'm going to have to check the archives when I have some time I-I can't believe it I don't have time to write I-I-I have to go! So, I'm going to start making Journals called Foxy's Log. This will tell the story of the Reapers in this AU and what it was like for Foxy back then.

Because let me tell ya, he wasn't always this way. And there are things that he isn't going to tell you if you ask him. So, I'm sorta giving spoilers and some leverage to use in the asks. So you don't have to read them if you don't want to, but they will be there for you. Also, be careful when mentioning this to the others, especially Bonnie and Foxy. Comment if you think I should do this or not, Please.

Ivytail GoldMareFusion kitsypuff Here are our Ships. I'm willing to cross-ship if anyone is interested, but for now here are current ones: Shipping December 30, 7 Comments 1 Favourite. Here are the characters involved in this AU. Please note, not all of them are open for asks. To see who is open, check the "deviantID" on the Home page of this account. Bonnie Full name: She is strong-willed and fairly stubborn, making her hard to reason with.

She's not the best leader, but with the help of her friends she makes it by. She has hidden feelings for Golden Freddy. She was brought into this world by Foxy and raised to be a reaper. She loves him as a father and will always respect him. Protective and tempered, she is a force to reckoned with.

Freddy Full name: Due to this timid nature, she has a hard time talking to others and interacting. The only time when she's not this way is around her friends or around the souls they reap. She has a soft spot for her twin brother, Golden Freddy, and children, dead or alive. She dreams of a family, but knows that she could never have one because of her nature, and because of her crush.

She loves Foxy, but can't show it. She can't express herself well, so she sings by herself to at least get it out there. Though she is this way, she is a surprisingly hard opponent. Foxy Full name: He handles anything that is thrown towards him and his friends from strategies on how to soothe disturbed souls to sewing and manual labor.

He is not open about himself, so that he can pretend to be perfect for everyones sake. He knows about everything, literally. His knowledge about what they do, how its done, where they go, how to get there, and everything about them are vast. He often reads things from the worlds they reap souls from, to learn about their lives and cultures. He also knows of Fred's crush on him, but won't say or do anything about it until she speaks up about it.

He picked up Bonnie in a dimension while reaping souls. She was alone and he himself knew how that felt. He took her in and raised her into the family business as a reaper. Golden Freddy Full name: Golden Fredbear - He takes his job quite seriously, but is a very friendly character. He is open and joyous most of the time. He is always there for his friends and for others who he believes need some cheering up.

He's very scared of rejection from her, for no known reason. He loves his sister, Fred, and is close to all the reapers in this world. Chica Full name: Caroline Chicken - As the oldest female member, Chica is very responsible. Only seen when she needs something thats not in her office or when she is needed by the others. She is a single pringle, not looking for a relationship. But she takes great joy in watching her fellow reapers being shy and flustered.

Mike Full name: Even the others have a hard time standing him. The only one who gets along with him is Foxy and well, Golden cause' he gets along with everyone Anyway, most of the time he is out working to the bone. If he's not working he's grouching out around everyone else with some drink he calls "Miracle Water".

Toy Foxy Full name: She is the remade version of what "Mangle" once was and has a brother who is the mangled version in the game. She is a strong leader but doesn't like having emotions. She often hides her feelings behind her poker face. She is Foxy's cousin. She is respected and likes to work. Marcus and her often work together, finding that it gets the work done faster.

Speaking of Marcus, they are in a forced engagement. They have grown closer and have come to truely love him over time. Shadow Freddy Full name: Quiet and intelligent, making others seem more like the leader of the Shadows. He is not shy at all, just waiting for a moment to let his opinion shine through. He is related to Freddy and Golden Freddy as their cousin.

Though he doesn't really like being around others, he is alright with being around his fellow Shadows and his cousins. Withered Bonnie Full name: Necra Miles - Necra is another Bonnie. She is actually Bonnie's Aunt. She also hasn't talked to Foxy about this yet. She can talk, but not very often. Her vocal cords are extremely damaged, but can sometimes speak. Her face is also damaged and she is will to talk about it.

But, she likes the way she is now. Phantom Chica Full name: He is the adopted son of Chica. He is actually her nephew. He is very skilled at his job and domestic things, like cooking and cleaning. Always calm, he acts as a mediator when others fight and will listen to others problems. He and Tori are the two most hardworking reapers who handle daily tasks of reaping souls to planning renovations of old buildings in their world for soul residents.

Others see Marcus's work load and believe he bites off more than he can chew, but he claims otherwise. He has known Tori since childhood and both knew of their engagement back then. Knowing that they couldn't escape that fate, they got to know each other and now have genuine feelings towards one another. Alexander Fredbear - Alex has social issues and distances himself from people.

The father of Freddy and Goldie. Goldie has an extreme dislike towards him, to the point he took his sister and ran away, only to be found by Foxy. They still have a rocky relationship. Purple Guy Full name: Vincent Arachne Afton - Always around Mike, he is a real great guy. He loves people, unless they hurt Mike.

Then, he would rip your soul out of your body and tear it apart right in front of you. Purple loves cooking and sometimes even gets around to cleaning. He is Mike's boyfriend and boy does he love that prick. More will be added as needed. Any questions? Please ask if you need some help understanding the AU or its Characters.

Characters December 30, No Comments 1 Favourite. This AU takes place in an Underworld setting. All animatronics are in the same location. Since when do you have a murder basement? Crying Boy: I used to be bullied. Then I pissed myself and everyone ran away. Best defense there is. Phone Guy: Candy Cadet: Desk Fan: We live in a world where the government spies on us with microwaves and talking baby dolls.

Old Man Consequences: Wait, is he pissing in the river? Trash And The Gang: One, two, three, four. Happy Frog: See that dog over there? With the stress free, easy going life? Orville Elephant: Rockstar Freddy: Take it or leave it. Rockstar Bonnie: Rockstar Chica: I was always considered the quirky one.

Rockstar Foxy: I like being the wildcard. It means I only have to be responsible when I want to be. Music Man: El Chip: Look at this mess. I though they said they were actually going to fix it? Funtime Chica: My fake ID looks better than my real one…. You should have seen the look on her face when I showed up. Blue for boys and pink for girls was created by Hitler.

My siblings and I want to apologize for making you think you were tripping. I can type so fast. See that? That was so many years ago. Even though it was, like, yesterday. The nine worlds in Norse mythology are held in the branches and roots of the world tree Yggdrasil. These realms are the home of different kind of beings, like the home of the Gods and Goddesses or giants.

JavaScript is required to view this site. Log in Sign up. Most recent Most popular Most recent. Filter by post type All posts. Grid View List View. Show more notes. Some of you never studied a game through youtube and wikis instead of playing and it shows.

And then he died. DaPandaBanda Instagram: Islanders Redbubble: I think that I have to study a lot for russian language class the next few days I am really behind the only things I can say fluently so far are 'Where is the buttered bread? Borley Haunted Mansion. I saw Death and I kissed his nose.

Go choke on a stick, bitch. Withered Freddy: No, no, no, no, no. Shadow Bonnie: Pearly whites! Om nom nom! FNAF 3- Springtrap: Funtime Freddy: Go fast and eat ass. Nedd Bear:

View More. WhiteFlag01 3. An eye for an eye in his mind. On the live stream on ultimate custome night today, MatPat talked about how Chica may be more important to the lore than initially thought. Infact the only known incidents that went public that I'm aware of were The Bite, The Fire s and probably the janitors or whatever killing themselves in sister location. It didn't make any sense, I knew. What is Henry known for in all canons? Also, I noticed that toy chica does have a beak in the character screen, but she does not have a beak in the game.

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  • This is William Afton's eternal torment in Hell.
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